Fri Nov 17 2017 – ArchAngel Michael via James McConnell “We are Moving Full Steam Ahead

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Friday, November 17, 2017

AAM via James McConnell: We Are Moving Now Full Steam Ahead

Archangel Michael: We Are Moving Now Full Steam Ahead

I AM Archangel Michael.

It is I who comes here to you to be with you at this time just as Ashtar was here the last. For Ashtar began a process at that moment at that time that he met with you and with others across the planet. For many groups are now coming together and many groups are sharing this understanding, this knowing, this sense of oneness that is passing across the planet now.

At that time he spoke to you that all was in readiness, all was in preparation. Those of the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation of Light, all of the different councils that are working in this ascension process for not only this planet but for the entire solar system and even…

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Message from Mike Quinsey 11-17-17…

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Kauilapele's Blog

A new Mike Quinsey.

“The new cycle is well under way, and you should bear in mind that Humanity as a collective is creating exactly how the new era shall develop. The old is no longer automatically taking its place in the new cycle, and in fact it is not necessarily relevant in view of the higher vibrations that are now being experienced. Entirely new times are being introduced that are consistent with your coming needs. The new energies do not embrace the old ones that led to disarray, inconsistency and a near dictatorship.

“There will be everything to gain by focusing upon the future and how it can benefit mankind, and the quicker it will be able to manifest the changes that are now in course of being introduced. They will take time but you will learn of them in advance so that you can prepare for them. They…

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video, keep following goal

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David Seaman 11-16-17… “David Wilcock EXCLUSIVE: Pizzagate, Donald Trump, & Fall of the Cabal”

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Kauilapele's Blog

[Kp note: I strongly recommend listening to this via the volume leveled MP3s, available at this Kp blog post.]

Thanks much to KF for emailing this to me. I’m listening to it now. I’m sure many will enjoy this interview of David Wilcock by David Seaman. I believe it is often helpful to hear “non-standard” people interview DW, as they bring their own questions and perspectives.

Note: the first 15 seconds of this is a simulated emergency broadcast system alert sound… so please refrain from “freaking out!


Published on Nov 16, 2017
David Wilcock EXCLUSIVE: Pizzagate, Donald Trump, & Fall of the Cabal — presented by http://fulcrum.news

Wilcock’s site: http://divinecosmos.com

https://www.coinbase.com/join/525a55f… [go to video page to get correct link]
SITE: http://fulcrum.news
PAYPAL: http://paypal.me/DavidSeaman
FACEBOOK: http://fb.me/FulcrumNews
BTC: 161tBLimeWq1P2nrRNzVienUj5icLRNmLu

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A Tribute To Nancy Zieman

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A video tribute to Nancy, Sewing with Nancy.



The December Energy Bands (4) and the 2018 MultiPlex!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

energy bands

The first day on the field since the 11:11 proved once again, just because spirit says something consistently, one way, doesn’t mean it will “look” like that!  Everyone teams has been talking about the first layer of skin coming online after the 11:11, I kinda wish one of them said “Metaphor Lisa, we are using a metaphor!!”  I wouldn’t have been so, bitchy cuz we were not looking at skin in the way I was expecting.  And I know…  Life 101, get out of expectation!!!  Silly me and this human suit!!

Before any of the readings started, I started poking my antennas out in the field, mostly to be sure we are going to see something.  The field itself was beautiful, a cross between a foggy mirror with the feel of like ice (minus being cold, just how a this sheet of ice feels) The colors were so blended, so…

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Special Message From Archangel Michael ~ Activation 11~11 & Reinstatement of Universal Law ~ Nov. 12, 2017

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By Archangel Michael, 11/12/2017

Greetings Dear Ones. I AM here to provide an update on the 11~11 energies. These energies are a precursor to the Solstice energies of December. 11~11 energies have always played a significant role in the mission of Ascension on planet Earth=Heart. They are a doorway to the unknown, an activation of the DNA and a marker of both Mastery & Manifestation. In Addition, these energies bring forth the Reinstatement of Universal Law. The full embracement of these energies, is to fully embrace Universal Law. Let us delve deeper into these energies, and gain an understanding of what is Universal Law. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.


Universal Law

Throughout all of Creation, there is Universal Law, which all Beings abide by. It is the foundation of creation, which in totality is LOVE. It encompasses all the benevolent attributes of Our beloved Mother & Father of…

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Implanted Thoughts – Lisa Renee

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Courtesy of Energetic Synthesis

November 2017

Implanted Thoughts

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Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

When we have a better comprehension of how Implanted Thoughts and mind control implants are used, we can better discern the agenda and refuse to participate with it.  If someone set out to design a society that drives people to worship self-destruction, self-absorption, and materialism while driving them to escape the inner emptiness through self-medicating and addiction, you’d have the general blueprint of mind control that is used in our society. Essentially, this is about blocking perception of reality by jamming neurological receivers and hijacking the brain so that the masses cannot decode or perceive what is really going on. Many of us can feel the pressure to create soul disconnection and AI assimilation in the masses, has been turned up. The antidote to mind control…

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