#Pizza/PedoGate Victim Comes Forward on Dr. Phil

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In an incredible exposé on Dr. Phil yesterday a woman had reached out to the Texan psychologist about her being born for a wealthy man by her parents for money and to be used as a sexual servant. Her abuse began as an infant. She recalls being sexually abused before she could even talk.

This is exactly what PizzaGate is. It’s been going on for a long time per David Icke and others that have been telling us. I cried watching this episode, just as I did when I was reading the Podesta e-mails. It is so horrific and the things that were done to this woman and other children are so sickening that it is beyond words.

She discusses how she would be abused by wealthy people, newly elected politicians, judges, police officers, the VIP people of society. She witnessed other children being killed and even herself participated…

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ED CUSHMAN: “Why Humanity Is Always Fighting”

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Dreaming With Dolphins

alien-invasion (4)

For years I’ve wondered why humans are always fighting.  Our entertainment films thrive on war, killing and violence.  How can viewing this be fun and entertaining?  Google this subject and you’ll not find an answer.  The truth was likely deleted to keep us in the dark.

At last I’ve found the answer In the book The Gods of Eden by William Bramley.  He refers to the ETs who created mankind to use as slaves as “Custodians”.  These Custodians have formed secret societies which are the cause of all of the strife and misery here on Earth.  On page 87 of his book he relates;

“Wars serve another Custodial purpose revealed in the Bible. The Adam and Eve story mentioned “God’s” intention to make physical survival all-consuming from birth until death.  Wars help bring this about because they absorb large-scale resources and offer little to enhance life in return.”  (Aren’t we are…

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GaiaPortal 3-21-17… “Velocipedal Pathways are Elevated for all”

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Well, this does seem to go along with the previous 4-5 posts. For anyone who wants to check, here is a link to “velocipede“. One definition points to a tricycle like vehicle. Implying that the pathways for all those on “learning tricycles” are being raised up, so those riding the tricycles will eventually get to the level of the “bicycle”, which can go faster and farther.

For further interpretations, I suggest checking Rosalie Parker and The Event Hub.


Velocipedal Pathways are Elevated for all

Velocipedal Pathways are Elevated for all.

Calibrations are recognized.

Horizons are approached, as velocities increase.

Celebrations are in store.

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Four (4) articles that indicate “Major (positive) Stuff is happening” (3 of 4)… from ECETI 3-20-17… “Data that indicates the cabal’s DUMBS (hiding places) are REALLY being taken out!!!”

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Holy crap, these videos, particularly the second one, seem to indicate that the underground hiding places of the cabal (often called “DUMBS” = Deep Underground Military Bases) are really being taken out. This is just as David Wilcock and Corey have indicated (recall these Kp blog posts, here, and here). Now the second one uses data from Worldview.Earthdata.nasa.gov, and starting at around 9:10, they correlate the thermal “hot spots” to locations where the (cabal) underground bases are (apparently) known to exist. See what your inner “resonator” gets.

(btw the one in the Pacific is probably Big Island, where the lava river has been flowing)

This is from this ECETI article.



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Four (4) articles that indicate “Major (positive) Stuff is happening” (2 of 4)… Alcuin and Flutterby 3-21-17… “The Constitutional united States of America was never formally abolished. Is it now being revived? Are we looking at the outside of a churning Deep State régime change?”

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Click to enlarge This appeared as a link in Ben Fulford’s latest report. This is one fascinating article. And in my view, this is one MAJOR reason that “the Trump” has come in. To restore the functioning Republic of the united states of America, after being run as “THE USA CORPORATION” for lo these many many many years (oh, just 156 years, is all). Check this one out and see how it resonates with you.

“One thing… is emerging with new clarity. Since Thursday 28th March 1861, the de facto government understood to be running America has been illegal. 28th March 1861 was the day the Congress of the united States of America adjourned for lack of a quorum and was never reconvened. The Constitutional united States of America was never formally abolished. The governance… was simply taken over by prancing actors working for élite financial interests in…

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Four (4) articles that indicate “Major (positive) Stuff is happening” (1 of 4)… Natural News 3-16-17… “President Trump to slash budgets of EPA, USDA and HHS … all corrupt agencies that betray America to corporate interests”

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I’m sure there are some out there who want to believe that nothing is happening… particularly, nothing positive for the planet is happening (“Damn Trumpites!”). But there are four pieces of data I received today which indicate that many positive things are taking place, in a variety of realms, on a variety of levels.

This Mike Adams report goes along with what I just posted here, about the EPA “Clean Water Act”.

“…the EPA functions as an extension of the chemical pesticide industry. The USDA is an extension of the biotech herbicide and GMO industry, and the FDA is really little more than an extension of the prescription drug cartels. Far from serving the interests of the people, these agencies have become “captive agencies” which are influenced and even dominated by corporate interests.

“Every dollar of taxpayer funds sent to the EPA is a dollar that’s used to…

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EPA’s Clean Water act… Clean water? At what cost? Who’s driving this?

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I’m posting these links (no highlights) for one reason… I’ve had them sitting here for some time after I heard about the “defunding of the EPA” by the Trump administration. Well, many might believe this is a “terrible thing” that they are doing. However, the articles below tell a different story.

My sense is that there is quite a bit of over-EPA-ing, mission creep, funding of things that really don’t need funding, and so on. The globalists want their hands in many pies in order to “control the game” in their favor. Guaranteed, they do not like what the Trump is doing with them and their agencies like the EPA. And of course, I am all for clean, pure water for everyone, no matter where one lives. But the articles below indicate that the EPA is not necessarily the “friend of the people”.

In addition to these, some might wish…

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a link, technology

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This is interesting.


How to assist Benjamin Fulford… (one way, at least)…

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As I outlined in this earlier post, Benjamin and his team have been hit with a “no more funds can you use” deal, via the Japanese government. Feel free to read that post to learn more.

Benjamin said that funds could be sent to his foundation, but since I do not want to post that detailed information here, and to make it simpler for most people to donate funds to him, I am using my own PayPal account to collect money for him and his team. Here’s the deal…

  1. Go to the Kp Blog Support page.
  2. Use the #1 procedure (namely, send to “family and friends”; that way, no PayPal fees are incurred).**
  3. PLEASE write in the notes, something like, “THIS IS FOR BENJAMIN FULFORD” (or “for BF”).
  4. [Note: if that does NOT work for you, just use #2 method.]
  5. After a period of time, I will wire…

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GoldFish Report No. 84 [3-19-17]… “POTUS Update Week 9 with Kent Dunn”

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Here’s a new Goldfish with Kent and Louisa. As always, I suggest “take the best and leave the rest”.

GoldFish Report N0. 84 Week 9 POTUS Review with Kent Dunn

Published on March 19, 2017

On GoldFish Report No 84, Louisa and Kent review the events in the swamp this past week including info about Benjamin Fulford, POTUS budget and MSNBC lawsuit, Merkel Visit, Jobs for Vets, North Korea, Flint Water, secret service stolen laptop, 9th circuit break-up, Special equinox energies update and a shout out to our viewers and supporters!! And much more…

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Thank you for viewing!


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