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Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Steve Beckow

Garden of Eden 345Photo: We each have our own vision of Nova Earth.

We’ve been discussing the building of Nova Earth. What’s the work that needs to be done to restore Gaia’s environment and make this despoiled world a Garden of Eden again?

We usually describe the restoration of Gaia as “terraforming.” By terraforming, we mean transforming Gaia’s ecological circumstances and situations, and changing our industrial practices, to restore her natural health as a celestial body through our efforts and those of our star brothers and sisters.

The starseeds who’ll specialize in restoring Gaia’s environment are often referred to as Earthkeepers and this article is dedicated to them.

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Money, funds for living, an illusion

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What would you do with 2 million dollars, or 80 million, or 1 or 2 billion dollars?  How would you live your life?  What would you do?  How would it be different from how you are living it now?  What if every person on the planet had 700 million dollars.  What would you do and how would you live?  There would be no rich, no poor, all would be basically equal in what we could buy.  And that the costs would be the same and stay the same as they are now, and not change.  Would you still be ‘working’ where you are?  If now what would you do?  I think we need to think about this, and write down what we would do if we all had a lot of money.  Also what would you do if we removed the idea of money and just lived and made sure every one’s needs are met.  How would you live then? What would you do, meaning would you still be doing what you are now or would it be something different.  I think we need to think about this and write down our thoughts on this.   I suggest you look within and follow your heart in this.   Think about this, if there were not rich or middle class or poor, but all equal in the amount of money we have or not have.  What are your thoughts on that and how would you live your life.   How would this effect society?   What if when some thing needed to be build or repaired, there was a call, request for those that wanted to help.  Would you go and help?  What if there were the stores still, but one did not need money, they just got what they needed.  And the people who liked to help out did so by restocking the shelves, transporting the goods, and making the goods.  Would you want to help out a few hours a day to do these type of things?  What would you think of a society that was like that?  If one had much more free time to do the things they liked, and to also help each other out.   Can we create this?  Are we creating this?  If every one was caring, compassionate, wanted the highest good for each other.  What do you think of that, and can you live like that now?  If so do so.  The world would change, it would be much nicer to live in.  How about being more creative and create non polluting things.  And ways of clearing the pollution that we have now.  Do do this, if you feel the need to do so.  Together we can create a harmonious beautiful planet, that is clear of the pollution, and violence.  It starts with you and me, doing some thing now.
I ask you to look at your attitude about money. And your thoughts on rich, poor, and poverty consciousness. I ask you to change your thoughts to one of having great abundance, no matter how little or how much money you have, or anyone else. Look at what you value, and change that if need be. Be grateful for all you have, no matter how little or how much. Seek the highest good for all life, all people. I ask you to be loving and caring to all things, all life.
It is Ok to put your money in a bank and let it sit there. It is not selfish to do so. Think and reflect on this and how you are feeling about this. I ask you to change your attitude about money. Ask why your think it is selfish to keep it and not spend it. Look within and and see if you are happy with yourself. Do you love yourself unconditionally, is this really behind your attitudes, think about this. I ask you to love yourself, and love others. Accept yourself and accept others as they are. Care about yourself and others. Live in peace and harmony with all things. Live within your means. Meaning, don’t spend all your money just because you have it to spend. Help others if they need it, if you have extra, money left from paying your bills, if you know someone that needs help.
Those that are in businesses pay a just, living wage. And do not take advantage of others.


Thoughts on animals

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Just thinking about the animals and if we could enjoy them with out harm to each other.  By this I mean that if all animals like birds, squirrels and such would come and visit us much like our pets do.  And they would live in the out doors, what we call wild now, but I think that might need to be changed also, our idea of wild and tame.  I think it would be neat if the animals and humans could get along peacefully, and we could interact with them in a friendly way.  Even the bears, deer, mountain lions and such.   This is what I envision us being able to do in the next few months and years.


Request that the ET’s, our family from other planets come openly

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So this is my thoughts on the ET’s.  That they and many of us want open contact with them.  So maybe we can post our thoughts on this on our websites, our face book pages, and other places.  I think requesting them to come openly and ask others to do so.   Also letting our governments know we know about there coverup and ask them to stop doing so.  I think if all of us acknowledge that the ET’s are around than there will be changes.  If every one in every country says they know about the ET’s, our space family, than the governments would have to come clean in what they know. 

I also think we need to ask those in the movie industry, video game industry to start to portray the ET’s as a friendly, helpful group and not to stop putting profits before truth.  We need to take action to stop this control.  My way is to encourage others to start doing something, wold wide.  We need to and are taking our planet back.

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