Request that the ET’s, our family from other planets come openly

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So this is my thoughts on the ET’s.  That they and many of us want open contact with them.  So maybe we can post our thoughts on this on our websites, our face book pages, and other places.  I think requesting them to come openly and ask others to do so.   Also letting our governments know we know about there coverup and ask them to stop doing so.  I think if all of us acknowledge that the ET’s are around than there will be changes.  If every one in every country says they know about the ET’s, our space family, than the governments would have to come clean in what they know. 

I also think we need to ask those in the movie industry, video game industry to start to portray the ET’s as a friendly, helpful group and not to stop putting profits before truth.  We need to take action to stop this control.  My way is to encourage others to start doing something, wold wide.  We need to and are taking our planet back.

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