Thoughts on money and not using it.

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I have wondered if we as humanity could not use money. If we slowly removed it’s use, deflation instead of inflation tell we use very little and then not at all. Think about this and what you would do, how would your life be the same or different. Write some things down if you need to. Would you still do what you are doing? Or would you do something different. We would still need people to keep things running, like making food, maintaining the houses, cars and such. Also to create the things used, paint, brushes, fabric, boards, metal and such. We as humanity would need to decide how we are going to do this, if we want to do this. I think life would be nicer, as we would do what we wanted, when we wanted. I think we could learn new things and try new things. And if we saw that something needed to be done, fixed we would go do that, with others helping. I think there would be no need for things like insurance and so rebuilding after a storm or fire would be much quicker. I suggest that if you are interested in doing something like this look at ways of creating it and see about gathering others to do this. I think that we could eliminate many hardships we as humanity face by doing this, or something similar. If all could get food when they needed it there would be no hunger. If all could have housing that is comfortable for them that there lives would be easier. I think that we will need to think about changing our attitudes and take a look at how we see and think about things, and change them. I suggest writing thoughts down on this and discussing it with others. And make a plan to try this and see how it would work. It would even the playing field for rich, poor, as there would be no rich or poor anymore.
We could also have every one get several hundred million, or a few billion and that would even the playing field also. But people might just stop working, and that might cause some issues. If all stopped working there would be not food made or delivered, no one to keep the water and power going, no one to fix cars, or homes that are in need of repair. So this would need to be done in a way that our basic needs are still met. That is why I suggested the deflation over a few months or a year or so as a gentle transition in to the stoppage of using money. So all can adjust into sharing the goods services freely, without money or anything like that.
I also suggest that one looks at how things are made and the items used for that. Work to create things in a renewable way, and sustainable way. We are not doing that now, and we need to change. Do your part and implement your ideas. There are many things suppressed
that can be of great help to humanity, work to get these out in use.
Look within. You are One with All Things and Source (god). You are a free and sovereign being, act on this freedom.

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