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Openhearted Rebellion



I have known Philipp since August of 2011. He recently did some intensive spiritual work after which he found himself receiving messages from Ashtar, Metatron, and others. Like all new channels, he wondered what in the world was transpiring. However other channels have verified that he’s receiving who he says he is. For now he’d rather be known simply by his first name.

This is perhaps the third message he’s received from Ashtar. The others were much shorter and will be published shortly. In this message Ashtar predicts that lightworkers, rather than governments, will disclose the galactic presence and that full restoration is likely to come around September of 2013.

We’ve heard Archangel Michael say it may come in “around a year. … Now we are not saying that this is ironclad, but that is the 99% percent likelihood, yes.” (1)  We need to hold our dates lightly…

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