Economic Collapse

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Much change ahead. Follow your heart. Have an open mind, let go, accept the new things.

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I have been secretly pulling for an economic collapse where the unsustainable debt ridden world economy melts down and collapses. In my mind, the new systems of abundance and the forgiveness of debt could not arise until the old system of interest bearing debt collapsed. In my mind, the old had to prove itself unworkable and unsustainable before the new could come into existence. In my mind, the ruling elite would not survive the impending economic collapse. In my mind, the Icelandic model of throwing out the corrupt bankers and their systems of financial enslavement was the route to birthing the shared timeline of oneness and abundance.

With the plans of the cabal, the self-interested inner sanctum of the ruling elite, now coming to light I see I was completely off base. The cabal planned a global economic collapse and intended to use the unrest and desperation that ensued to…

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