Astral Travels: Blessing Hate

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This week, we’re going to address and bless hate in some of the many forms it comes about. Among the news stories detailing the fall of the cabals and exposing everything that’s been hidden from us, we continue to hear about tragic and awful things happening on this world every day, and it’s fair to say that most of them are driven from hate.

It’s been said that the lower-inclined forces at work attempting to sustain the illusion and flaunt darkness, use hate and everything that’s bred from it to keep the collective energies low.

We’re taught to hate each other because of differences in our appearance and beliefs, but it’s time for humanity to see that what’s inside is truly what counts. We’re all of the same race, but we’re kept apart and hateful of one another in a world driven by an every-man-for-himself mindset.

We don’t see the…

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