NorthPoint Astrology Journal: Your Guide to Planetary Energies for July 29 – August 4, 2013, by Pam Younghans

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Dana Mrkich – 29 July Star Of David Alignment – 29 July 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

Dana Colour Pic NewToday’s ‘Star of David’ planetary line-up features two grand trines, three oppositions, three mystic rectangles and a couple of T-squares all wrapped up in six sextiles – so what does that mean?

Energetically it feels a bit like when you’re driving a dodgem car at the fun fair. It’s part zooming around smoothly with so much ease it feels effortless, part carefree happiness, and part side-swipe from nowhere that hits you so hard it jars your neck and gives you whiplash. 

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The American Dream – Exposing The Rothschild Banking System – 29 July 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

Uploaded on 28 July 2013 by WakeUpCallPage Very good animated documentary movie  Exposing The Truth about America Banking System, The Rothschild, explanation of how the private Federal Reserve steals your money and WHY it must be stopped!!!

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A Call for Compassion

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Freedom4humanity's Blog

The young man engaged to my granddaughter expresses an unusual level of interest in what I do and an even more unusual level of understanding as I share my fundamental beliefs and some of the experiences upon which they are based. We will call him Gary, not his real name, as I have not asked his permission as yet to include him in my blog.

One of my grandson’s had his first birthday party on Saturday and Gary sought me out to ask of my recent experiences. It is a rare treat for me to be able to expound at length and in depth to someone who gets it and who participates wholeheartedly in a mutual exploration of this new and rarely trodden territory.

I covered the entire freedom4humanity waterfront; the ruling elite, the movement to liberate humanity from their self-interested clutches, ET and Angelic supporters, the institutions which support…

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Moving physically through the LIONS GATE in TRUTH

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POOFness for JUL 28: “Imagine”

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Saudi Prince Defects From Royal Family – 28 July 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

Saudi prince announces defection from royal family
Prince Khalid Bin Farhan Al-Saud has announced his defection from Al Saud royal family through a statement, calling on other princes to break their silence and reveal the truth for sake of God.In his statement on Saturday, the Saudi prince referred to his ‘sufferings’ under reign of Al Saud regime describing them as bitter experiences that will be revealed by the Saudi twitter writer Mujtahid and Saudi activist Saad al-Faqih, who is currently living in London.

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Update on the Planned Galactic Mass Fly-Over

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Become your new selves with joy. – channeled by Ron Head

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Oracles and Healers

Lions Gate



We come to you once again, speaking to you of the energies of the ancient traditional new year signaled by the dawn rising of the star Sirius and movement into the sign of Leo.  This is the Lion’s Gate.

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