AmericanKabuki – Facebook Friends Could Change Your Credit Score – 30 August 2013

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Pay with cash as much as possible. Try not to get into debt, and get out quick.

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American-Kabuki-New-7-8-13-fProject XIII can’t come soon enough!  Enough of this data harvesting! -Bill

Facebook friends could change your credit score
By Katie Lobosco  @KatieLobosco August 27, 2013: 11:24 AM ET

Some tech startups are using your online social data to determine your creditworthiness.

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Gaia Higher Vibrationals Currently Call for Hue-manity Collaboration…

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gaia_energy1Gaia Higher Vibrationals currently call for Hue-manity Collaboration in refinement of grid points connections along all channels of resistance. Such channels of resistance have served their function and are resisting change in paradigm.

Collaboration of Hue-manity will refine and align such resistance channels with Ascension protocols now in place.

Understanding of this message occurs from Higher Levels only.

3D-4D analysis will fail to give such.

As Higher Guidance is followed, understanding follows.

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Laura Bruno – Sentient Weeds – 30 August 2013

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laura-of-the-rocksThey say a weed is any plant growing where you don’t want it to grow. Sometimes even pretty, edible, medicinal, and/or intentionally placed plants outgrow their initial welcome. Or they try to take over the entire yard. I thought I’d share part of an ongoing exchange with a local gardening friend of mine who just returned after a month vacation. She had asked about canning supplies, and I just had my very first canning experience this past weekend.

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Channels and Coming Together

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Openhearted Rebellion

The awakening community as a whole is generally strong. We’ve been able to understand and expose the forces of corruption and tyranny, and we‘ve come to find expanded spiritual perceptions of the reality around us.

We’ve made significant progress and now stand at a pivotal moment in our establishing of a new paradigm in alignment with the ideals of all. Despite our progress, there seems to remain a stumbling block still in the way of achievement of our ultimate goals and ideals.

Something I think we should perhaps address is that, for the most part, we’ve remained divided into certain “camps” based on our respective beliefs and disbeliefs.

I’m not saying that various different awakened groups working independently to help bring about a new paradigm isn’t a good thing, but at some point it becomes essential for us to merge our respective groups.

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Brenda Hoffman – Dare To Create Now! – 27 August 2013

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Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Summary of Brenda’s August 23, 2013 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: The energies of the next few days will help shift your personal creation perceptions. Your beliefs are that you might create after months of process. Your creations are of the future – not of the now. You can now create instantaneously – but only if you shift your belief patterns.

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RemovingTheShackles – “You Are Being Deceived” – 27 Augustus 2013

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0e358-removing-the-shacklesFor all of you awesome people out there who have spent hours and hours, if not days and days and weeks and week, trying to explain to your family and friends and co-workers that their entire perception of “Government”, “Finance” and “the authority”  has been built on lies and deception of the highest order…. this pdf below is for you.

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Lisa Gawlas – The Intensity Of September Opens The Floods Of Passion From Earth! – 27 August 2013

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lisagawlas2I have a deep inner feeling September is going to be one hellofa fast and furious month and we just may need that knight in shining armor to trek us thru it!!  The one thing I am sure of, September is NOT the time to be cautious with your life.  You have spent, what may seem like an eternity at this point, investing heavily in your new seeds of Life experience, cautious hesitation will end up being the lawnmower that cuts it down.

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Drones Tag and Track Quarry Using Nanoparticle Sprays

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9/11 – Ruling Elite’s Skeleton in the Closet

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Freedom4humanity's Blog

With the ruling elite on their last legs, humanity will soon turn over a new leaf, the leaf of Truth and the leaf of Disclosure. Disclosure is not just about our ET friends who have been in our skies for decades offering their abundance technologies and wisdom but each time turned away by the ruling elite, bent on maintaining their nefarious grip on humanity. Disclosure is also about the various crimes the ruling elite has imposed on humanity and most spectacular among these is 9/11 – the supposed terrorist attack of nearly a dozen years ago on the eleventh of September, 2001.

Yesterday, one of my friends, a high intuitive, began feeding me 9/11 investigation information from various sources and we entered into a lengthy dialogue on 9/11 and related matters; especially the rough ride experienced by many truth seekers and whistleblowers. In the process, my personal understanding was much…

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Sasquatch: Shedding New Light on Hidden Realities

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Sasquatch: Shedding New Light on Hidden Realities.

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