Bill Ballard – Late Edition buzzed – 30 September 2013

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Cobra Update 9-27-13… “Planetary Situation Update: The New Financial System”

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Kauilapele's Blog

portal2012_logo_vertical21Even though I do not always post “the Cobra” updates, I was very keen to read what he had to say about “The New Financial System”. In this Cobra update, he gives a synopsis of that.

“The Event will happen when it will happen. Until it happens, let us do everything that is within our power to make it happen as son [soon] as possible in a harmonious way. It is important for the Light forces on the surface of the planet to unite, communicate, coordinate intel and align strategies.”


  • Collateral accounts were a creation of the Cabal after WW1 when they persuaded many nations to give up their gold into their custody with an excuse that a gold-backed financial system with strong independent national banks creates geopolitical instability and can lead into wars like WW1…
  • This gold was used to underwrite the western financial system…

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ActivistPost – Catherine J. Frompovich – Mumps And Flu Vaccine Awareness – 30 September 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

Logo_activistpost-comRecently I read an article that had me wondering what are they thinking, anyway. As a consumer health researcher for over 35 years, I can see a clear childhood diseases history trail in the rear view mirror, as they would say.

One issue that doesn’t seem to sit right with me is the fact that as a young child in the 1940s, who went to both public and parochial schools, I never remember a child dying from any of the childhood communicable diseases, and we lived in a large city.

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Montague Keen – 30 September 2013

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Albert Einstein

It is happening, my friends. You are doing a wonderful job of raising the consciousness of so many. Look around you and see the reaction of the Cabal to this. They are using Chem Trails almost non-stop now, in an effort to keep humanity under control. You are seeing one false flag operation after another. They are becoming careless in their efforts to create fear, so that you will willingly give up more of your precious freedoms. Please do not fall for all this propaganda. They will not hesitate to kill as many as necessary in order to create panic and fear. Understand this: THEY FEAR YOU, THE AWAKENED !

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POOF -Ness – Susan & ZAP – Age Of Aquarius – 30 September 2013

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poofThe Rumor Mill News Reading Room

POOFness for SEP 29: “Age Of Aquarius”

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Date: Sunday, 29-Sep-2013 19:56:08

In Response To: POOFness for JUL 7: “Introducing you to your future” (hobie)

Hi, Folks –

Received via e-mail:

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Fran Zepeda – Mary Magdalene: You Are All Exalted Beings of the Light – 29 September 2013

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MaryMagdalene.exaltedMary Magdalene:

My dear friends, my dear beloveds, I come before you today to discuss an important topic in your development. Not all will relate to this in the same way and not all will understand it in the same way. For you are all developing at different speeds and rates and all is perfect for each of you individually at this time.

What I have to share today is about your connection to your higher selves, to look at it in a different perspective and to understand it in a different way. You all have the potential to be one with your higher selves and with your higher aspects and all have the ability to connect with Source in this lifetime.

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There’s Lonely, and Then There’s Alone

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture

A poignant memory surfaced while meditating on Sunday morning, and it occurred to me that many people on the planet are lonely—as difficult as that may be to imagine on a little blue marble housing seven billion of us.

There is a vast difference, however, between lonely and ALONE.

Some of us feel lonely occasionally. We may feel like socializing but despite phone calls and texts to reach out, no one is available.

There may be lonely couples who have a significant other, but don’t share the togetherness they would like and live more of a separate life than they imagined they would.

There may be singles who would prefer to find a mate but haven’t yet. They may grow tired of vacationing solo or simply visiting family.

Undoubtedly some of us have more solitary professions than others which don’t lend themselves to a great degree of collaboration and up-close…

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It’s All Me. I See Me in You. I Am You.

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Alberto Villoldo ~ Shamanic Ecstasy | Reality Sandwich

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worth reading



Join Alberto Villoldo for the live interactive video course, 
“Shamanic Ecstasy: The Great Vision Quest.” Learn ancient techniques used by shamans across the globe. This Evolver webinar starts October 9. Click here to learn more

“Several decades ago, I was a medical anthropologist doing research in the Amazon rainforest. My salary and expenses were paid for by a research grant from a pharmaceutical company hoping to find the bark or root that could become the next great cancer cure. After all, the jungle is nature’s pharmacy, filled with exotic plants whose powers have yet to be discovered. I spent many months canoeing to villages that had seldom seen a white man and wherever I went, I found there was no cancer or heart disease, even in the elders of the communities. Clearly, the indigenous people of the area knew something about health that we westerners didn’t know…

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Angel Lucci – Announcing The Launch Of I-OPEEN: International One People Eternal Essence Network, Open Source, On-Line Banking System – 26 September 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

intro-iopeen(Lucas : I recommend the reading of the whole article at Angel’s website link at the bottom)

After considerable research, investigation, testing, and evaluation, we feel that CYCLOS is the Alternative Currency System that will meet our needs for the Open-Source Online Banking Software for I-OPEEN, International One People Eternal Essence Network.  The first online banking system that allows you to deposit your value.

Read the whole story : www.angellucci.wordpress.com / link to original article

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