Sandra Walter – Video : New Light Waves – 29 October 2013

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SandraWalterI was guided to create a video to amplify light encodements with the words of my last two articles. There are incoming waves of light which support an acceleration of the merge. This is an audio of my two latest articles: *The Silence, the Stream, the Fractal* and *Pure Light for Pure Conduits* ~ with footage of the Sunset from atop Mount Shasta. This video is light-encoded to assist your progress if you choose to receive it. Many blessings as we receive these waves of deep change.

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SaLuSa 29 October 2013

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Worth reading. Many changes are happening. Keep being a loving, caring Being. Let us keep being peaceful, caring, compassionate, helpful, and joyful. We are all One. Remember who you are, and allow the changes to occur within and without you, and the world.

Blossom Goodchild – 29 October 2013

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Worth reading, and do focus on the ‘event’ happening, and everyone being ready for it.

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bloss arizona biggerGood morning my friends. You know, I am asked to ask you so many diverse questions … can you explain to me my hesitancy to do so? Sometimes it puts me off beginning the channelling … feeling perhaps I should ask some questions, being blessed to be in this position. Why do I feel so ‘against’ asking these ‘deep and meaningfuls’ on behalf of others?

Greetings to you and all that choose to partake in our offering of Love. We understand the reason behind this matter Blossom and it is because in actual fact we do not consider it our ‘discourse’ to do so … So we would say it is more you picking up on our ‘intent’.

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John Smallman – Jesus – How Much Longer Can You Ignore That Ear-Splitting Noise Calling For You To Awaken? – 29 October 2013

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john-blog-pics-0135The Oneness of all of creation is the underlying truth that supports all that exists, and for you, embodied as individual human beings with many different beliefs and cultures, that is an enormous paradox.  And your guide through the paradox, the maze, is your intuition, your guidance from your true Self, and from those on whom you may choose to call in the spiritual realms.  And to make contact with that guidance you have to break away from the distractions with which the illusion constantly presents you – deadlines, responsibilities to others, and various other “shoulds and musts” that you accept as inevitable and unavoidable burdens – and take time out in your peaceful inner space to be quiet and to listen.  And that can be very difficult initially as your daily chores and responsibilities keep popping into your mind with the message “You just don’t have time for this…

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Sandra Walter – Pure Light For Pure Conduits – 28 October 2013

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Feeling this energy coming ,it is intense.

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SandraWalterNotice the change in the Magnetosphere’s reaction to the recent X and M flares. These waves of light are different – they cannot be measured by traditional electro-magnetic standards. The KP index doesn’t show the usual impact of a typical CME or flare activity – for days and days now. It looks like the chart is broken after watching the impact of past flares. So what is this?

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Wes Annac – Our Universal Family : Every Facet Of Consciousness Is Inexplicably Connected – 28 October 2013

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wes-annac-300x229Channeled through Wes Annac

Let an unending banquet of Love wash over you now as you read these words and absorb the energy they’ve arrived with.

All of the pain and disharmony can meld away when allowing yourselves to tap back into the Universal conduit of oneness energy as well as the various perceived personalities comprising such a complex, who our scribe has referred to as your Universal Family.

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Sophia Love – Update Message – 28 October 2013

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Update October 23, 2013 and October 26, 2013 and October 28th, 2013

Would you comment on this?


Click here for video

Much love,

Ok Sophia, remember to always believe in what You want to believe in.

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Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – St. Germain – 28 October 2013

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NancyTateI am here today to instill within you a thought that may or may not be of value to you. It is the thought that you are worth more than you feel you are, no matter what you feel about that now. It is a matter of being in the space that tells you that you are profound and capable of so much more than you can imagine. You are only now opening up to the boundlessness that you possess.

It is a knowledge within the egos of humanity that you are capable of doing so much, and yet your ego also carries the boundaries that keep you confined within the walls that are in place from the energies of those who seek to bring dominance into their lives. There is one thing that they count on and that is that they are more capable than anyone else to attain…

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Karen Bishop 10-27-13… “Restructuring”

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I like the idea of living off the land. And growing ones own food. A greenhouse to grow food year round. Maybe use aquaponics to water the plants and have fish look at. This is something that can be done in a small or large plot. Also for starting seeds to plant in the ground. We can replace stores with greenhouses maybe. And people pick thier own food, or get it already picked, very fresh.

Mary Magdalene via Ute Posegga-Rudel: A Humanity One at Heart

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Openhearted Rebellion

Mary Magdalene12sig.jpg

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Mary Magdalene: A Humanity One at Heart, channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel, October 26, 2013 at http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.co.uk

VIDEO (recommended)

MY DEAR ONES, You, who are here to work for the light, are now at the point where your service is being requested like never before.

You will see many things arise and change that will show your still sleeping brothers and sisters that this reality is not continuous or firm and not forever.

This will challenge them to change their point of view that still rests on the illusionary surface of themselves and their world, and to seek the strength and eternity they project onto the outer world within themselves. 

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