The Eve of 2014

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Openhearted Rebellion

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It’s New Year’s Eve, and synchronicities have been plentiful for my family and I on this magical day. With the incredible transformation we’ve been blessed to experience in 2013, I can only imagine what this next year will have in store for all of us.

Some of you have known about my work since 2011, but I don’t feel like I really started living or serving until this year (2013). This year has given me so much, and I depart it a much wiser and happier person.

Inspiration to spread the message of spirit flows through in a different way than it did for me at the beginning of the year, and I can feel that this is only the beginning of the expansion of each of us. I don’t know if any of you have received any synchronistic clues about the progressive year ahead, but they continue…

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Judith Dagley and the Celestial Team: Yeshuwah Begins the Story of Your Light

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Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to the Galactic Free Press.

6/5/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We, the celestial team, greet you most lovingly as always!

This time, however, we do so in excited frequencies of anticipation, for we are suddenly surrounded by much fanfare! Our atmosphere has begun to crackle with a sense of occasion, and we feel ourselves moving into a state of awe. This does not occur simply because we gather to share a transmission with you! No, something important is about to happen. Imagine your air all at once resounding with the achingly clear and majestic notes of Archangel Gabriel’s trumpets, simply because you “opened your mouth to speak,” and you’ll get the idea!

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Grandpaw Peter Koyote – Grandpaw’s Predickshuns For 2014 – 31 December 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

Uploaded on 30 December 2013 by Grandpaw Peter Koyote We ARE Ready… It’s Here… It’s Happening… And you won’t believe HOW… though it all makes sense, once ya get past yer amazement… With Grandpaw Peter Koyote and Friends…

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There is No Such Thing as a Safe Vaccine and There Never Will Be [video]

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The Inter-Dimensional Entities Behind the Dark Agenda That’s Taking Over the World

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Lisa Gawlas – High Voltage Underway! – 30 December 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

lisagawlas2Holy high intensity wires batman!  We are just getting pummeled with all sorts of energy, high voltage energy! Between the sun oozing radiation and flares, and crackling to kingdom come, we have Comet Ison making its way into the earths atmosphere and spreading some of its love to us, if all that isn’t enough to make our hairs stand on end, we have the great expander, Jupiter, chiming in with radio storms pinging back to earth.

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ActivistPost – Aaron Dykes – Artificial Fruit Drink Creates Its Own Cancer Causing By-Product – 30 December 2013

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Lucas 2012 Infos

Logo_activistpost-comWARNING: On top of the GMO high fructose corn syrup, the ingredients inside this imitation fruit beverage pose the risk of forming a known carcinogen inside the bottle – just waiting for you to drink it.

It’s been more than 20 years since the FDA and beverage industry first learned that sodium benzoate and citric acid or ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) can create the carcinogen benzene while in the bottle together. The public was informed just seven years ago, and yet, many makers of artificial fruit drinks and sodas still frequently (and shamefully) use these ingredients in this risky combination on the market today, or with variant formulas like potassium benzoate, which has the same effect.

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Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young: 2014 The Year of Balanced Relationships

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Openhearted Rebellion

archangel GabrielArchangel Gabriel: 2014 The Year of Balanced Relationships, channeled by Shelley Young, December 21, 2013 at http://trinityesoterics.com | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be with you today. What a magnificent showing of souls, willing to come and anchor the energies for all to benefit from. You are blessed and honoured in your role today, and, of course, when we talk about those who have come to participate in the group, we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be enjoying this transmission on your internet at a later time.

May we wish you a blessed and joyous solstice. You have done magnificently. Because you have shifted and purged and so diligently transmuted energies, you are now containing light codes that would not have been possible at any other time…

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Keshe has the Answer to the Fukushima Crisis

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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 29th December 2013

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