Channel Panel resumes: Ladies Night! Lady Masters Nada, Portia and Gabriella! 04/30 by Channel Panel | Spirituality Podcasts

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Channel Panel resumes: Ladies Night! Lady Masters Nada, Portia and Gabriella! 04/30 by Channel Panel | Spirituality Podcasts.


Anonymous Announces Global General Strike on May 1st, 2014: Don’t Feed the Animals! [video]

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Anonymous, as Cobra said, supports the Resistance Movement and is calling for a global general strike in solidarity against the psychopathic 1 per cent who control our planet.

It’s easy to do: DO NOTHING! Refrain from supporting the predators in any way.

Don’t shop, don’t buy gas, don’t do any banking, don’t pay any bills, don’t watch TV or movies or play video games… you get the picture.

Stop being a consumer for one day.

We don’t depend on THEM. THEY depend on US. We sustain them. It’s a choice.

Tomorrow, May 1st, make a choice to starve the animals who arrogantly taunt us with their fake news and psyops. Each one of us can make the day count for something.


DO… some research as to what our predicament is and how we can create positive change. Donate to a humanitarian cause, sign petitions to rectify horrific…

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Cobra Update for April 29th, 2014: We’re Not Ready [video]

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Just keep visualizing, intending that this is done. Visualize, see yourself and humanity in the ascended, higher realms, vibrations. And anchor these high vibrations into the earth. Visualize the whole planet light, at a high vibration. The places the dark are trying to anchor the darkness, let us visualize and anchor the light. Let us keep doing this for the next few weeks, especially and maybe a month or two tell it is done. I think we are the ones to do this, we are the pillars of light that needs to be anchored into the earth, so let us do this, daily.

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Cobra’s spot on with his reading on some of the Lightworkers—at least from my perspective. Another Prepare for Change member concurred yesterday. We’re just tired, can’t “see” anything happening, and want this to be over. When we can’t see progress, it’s deflating, so we appreciate the updates.

I think the most encouraging news I’ve heard—and Cobra gave it validity in this update—was that there was hard evidence of Divine Intervention at play in the Bundy ranch standoff. I heard about it last week from one of my trusted sources, LOL, but sat on it as I had no confirmation and don’t like to start rumours.

Let’s hope there will be a lot more Divine Intervention to prevent all the little fires on Starship Earth from exploding into raging infernos of pain and suffering. 

There’s a new group spearheading the mass arrests of the cabal members. Love the name: ‘Round-op Alpha’…

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It’s Time For a New Paradigm

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We create the new paradigm. Start by using recycled things, if possible. Use non harmful things, create, invent them if you need to. Pay people a fair wage that they can live comfortably on and raise a family on. We end poverty by not having the extremes in wage differences, but having all get paid a wage that is close to each other person gets. The workers get close to what the bosses, ceo’s get. Yes that means the bosses, ceo’s take a pay cut, and the workers get a pay raise. See about using electric cars, look into engines that run on water, and such, or create them.

Karma Yoga Daily


It’s Time For a New Paradigm

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

I wrote the following for the New Paradigm page of The Aquarius Paradigm blog. This is one of a few recent rewrites I did for the blog, and I’ll post the rest as the days go by.

On a lot of spiritual and alternative news blogs, you’ll hear talk about a ‘new paradigm’ – a standard of living that’s outside of the confines of our social norms.

A growing number of people are ready to move beyond our old, division-fueled ways and welcome a new way of life that integrates unity, harmony, and an understanding of our oneness, and this drives our continual discussion about the things we can do to bring our planet into the light and move beyond the written and unwritten social rules that keep us from acting on our greater potential.

A ‘new paradigm’ is…

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So what we need to do is anchor and ground high vibration, light into the same areas, and whole planet. The light will out shine the dark.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

JeanFriends and Family,

From my private conversations with Veronica, permit me to say that I think it is time we lightworkers focus on the unseen rather than the seen. What Hilda and Veronica are asking us to do right now is far more important than all the news we are watching, about which, let me remind you, we can do nothing. I begin to think the ‘seen’ news is a distraction to keep us from working on the ley lines and supporting Mother Earth. Please take time to study this information – because study is required – and then I hope you will plan to give every bit of  energy that can you to this effort — as if it becomes necessary we let the visible news pass us by.

Also, this morning, I’ve pretty much been editing Hilda’s aritcle out of Dutch/English and setting it up so it is readable, finding the appropriate video,  and…

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Mother Mary: Breathe Out The Breath of Creator – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – April 29, 2014

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Mother Mary:

Hello, my dear sweet beautiful Beings of Light. And so rightly addressed. For you are all taking on such a beautiful hue and radiance not seen ever. The recent downloads of light and energy, still continuing, have blessed you all with such an increase of radiance and luminance that it is difficult to quantify on any present scale of definition.

For it is unprecedented and it is heralded here in the Higher Realms as such a great accomplishment. For if you could gauge the increase in light quotient in yourselves and in the overall environment, you would be astounded.

And for Now it is necessary to process this influx of energy and to be careful to not assess it too strictly according to your prior realm of perception. Allow it to be there and to grow within you, for you have entered a new period of unknown proportions…

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Kp OOPS Update… The “BUSTED! Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS Before Landing” Post has been BUSTED…

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The last post is connected to this, might have been hoaxed? Might be worth taking video cameras at the places the chem-trail planes take off and land and share the images of them. See if we can get some evidence to legally put a stop to this.

Kauilapele's Blog

chemtrails_plane_landing_BUSTED The post from yesterday, “ BUSTED! Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS Before Landing “, has been busted, as well (at least to the extent that I can see).

Thanks to Thomas (maddtom) on FaceBook, who pointed out that the video I (and many others, now) posted yesterday was actually:

“Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing 777-367(ER) [B-KPN] landing at LAX Published on Feb 6, 2013. It’s an aerodynamic contrail from the wing surface and in the wake vortices, due to the high humidity – as seen by the fog”.

He shared two web links that show this effect.


So I searched YouTube for “Cathay Pacific Airways Boeing 777-367(ER) [B-KPN] landing at LAX”, and found these essentially identical videos:

http://youtu.be/Gdsqvtixafk (Published on Feb 6, 2013, Landed at about 7:50 PM, Date filmed: 1/26/2013)

http://youtu.be/NZ_ZeKkAuJA (Published on Feb 28, 2013)
From yesterday’s post:

(Published on Apr 27, 2014)

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Pilot Still Spraying Toxic Aerosols on Landing—Oooops! [video]

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So looks like we have the evidence of chemtrails. Let us take some legal action against this, and put a stop to it.

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Busted Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS While Landing

Update: April 29, 2:16 pm. – Turns out it wasn’t aerosols being sprayed. Check it out at Kauilapele’s blog—but we can still use our positive intentions to minimize the negative effects of the chemtrails that ARE being sprayed, globally.

Great play, Shakespeare. Are the sirens because someone thinks the plane is on fire?  ~ BP

Busted Pilot Forgets To Turn Off Chemtrails While Landing ?

A pilot of a commercial airliner made a mistake that irrefutably PROVES the existence of “CHEMTRAILS” — by forgetting to turn them off before he landed!  We have video of the plane landing while still spraying CHEMTRAILS as it hits the runway.  This is the first empirical evidence to back-up claims made people, smeared as “conspiracy-theorists,” who claimed airlines are being used by government to spray aerosols into the air without the knowledge or consent of the people being sprayed.  With proof like…

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Spiritual Guidance: The Greatest Perceptual Miracles Have Yet to Grace You

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Karma Yoga Daily

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

Love is everything, dearest seekers.

Feel this – know it in the very core of your being. You are love incarnate, and nothing can take this away from you. You’re divine souls with the potential to do and be anything you desire, but your belief in limitation has made it difficult for many of you to break out of your shells and express the sacred love you are at your core; at your essence.

It can be difficult to find and feel the love of your existence when you’re surrounded by so much pain and density, but nevertheless, it’s your mission as awakening seekers incarnate on the earth.

You’re on the earth to help uplift everyone who’s forgotten about their oneness and the unity that’s meant to pervade every facet of your collective consciousness, and we encourage you to keep going, even when…

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A short update on the energies

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aisha north

I wasn’t expecting a new message today, but when I sat down to watch the live streaming of the lunar eclipse, this came through:

As you are all aware of now, what happens in the sky is an integral part of what is going on within your body. For your body does not constitute your limits in any way, far from it, your body constitutes the receptor that enables you to connect ever deeper to everything that is around you. At first, what you perceive will be what is transmitted to the inside of your body though the five senses, but bit by bit, you will realize that the information you can pick up in this manner is merely a small ripple on the surface of All there is. For now, as you have all become more adept at tuning into the real message that lies behind so much of…

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