ET Abdutcions…. why?

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ET Abdutcions…. why?.

ET Abdutcions…. why?

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Multidimensional Ocean

Hi guys, got a message from Higher Self this morning about ET abductions. Especially the ones that relate to sexual experiments. I was told that most of the abductions are scary to humans, because they are done by ET. Most of the people abducted are starseeds, and it is in their life contract.
The reason for that is that an embryo of alien ET can be implanted into a carrier mother and participate in the planet’s vibration upliftment.
There was a second part to this message, but i have forgotten it, as Indy had to go to the vet for vomiting a lot in the past 48 hours.
Please send her light, love and healing

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Hilarion – August 31 – September 7, 2014

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Oracles and Healers


Beloved Ones,

As you move through each day, stay centered within your sacred heart space and send love and blessings to all that is around you. Practice this until it is an innate part of your constant experience. You are beings of light and love and this is the reason you are here during these turbulent times. Your calming and loving presence is much needed and you each have the capacity to create calm and peace within the sphere of your influence. This sphere is much larger than you can imagine, Dear Ones, and gives upliftment to those within it. Continue to be the blessing of the divine in human form, for this is your purpose and your destiny. Release all doubts that may impinge upon your human consciousness telling you otherwise. Believe in yourselves, that you are bearers of light and of love, that you bring healing to those…

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DL Zeta’s Celestial Vision – Channelings By DL Zeta – Stand Strong in Love as the Shadow Hastens

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 deb2014revisedWe are at a transition point when energies of the new time are strengthening inside future moments. Realities crystallizing in not-too-distant future timeframes are created from increasingly different templates. These templates are infused with greater frequencies of love, peace, harmony and compassion.

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SaLuSa (via Mike Quinsey) 8-29-14…

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“Hawai’i: The Stolen Paradise”… a Partial Video…

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From Kauilapele, hawaii

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This is a interesting article, http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2014/08/29/rt-tv-coming-up-on-sept-5-7-hawaii-the-stolen-paradise/
Those that are in the same situation need to speak up so we can make changes, so all can live in peace, harmony, and the indiginous peoples can have their culture honoured for the truth it is.


A short update on the energies

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aisha north

The time has come to once again bid farewell to something that you no longer need to carry with you. You see, as you are being propelled ever faster forward by this incessant stream of light, you will continue to be encouraged to lighten your load in any way you can. We know that by now, many of you will feel as if that is what you have been asked to do from the very beginning and that is indeed easy to understand, for this has in many ways been an unending process of jettisoning old baggage. But now, what we refer to, are not those old and ingrained habits of yours that used to stand in your way. For these have been removed from your being, even if some lingering traces can still be found here and there. No, what we refer to now, is actually something far more…

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ZORRA – FROM HOLLOW EARTH 08/27 by HOLLOW * EARTH * NETWORK | Spirituality Podcasts

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ZORRA – FROM HOLLOW EARTH 08/27 by HOLLOW * EARTH * NETWORK | Spirituality Podcasts.

Transforming the Earth: A New Paradigm, Disclosure, and Ascension – Part 2/3

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Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Continued from Part 1

Now, we’re going to look at the significance of ‘disclosure’ to the spiritually inspired society we want to create. As many of you know, disclosure is a worldwide confession of everything our governments have hidden from us, and it becomes clear to anyone who does some digging that they have a lot to confess.

The cabal has secretly devastated this planet and its people for a long time, but the era of oppression and injustice is swiftly drawing to a close. In its place is an era of honesty and accountability, and in my eyes, higher forces will be responsible for the eventual disclosures that’ll expand our collective perception to an unfathomable level.

Disclosure will be a very important aspect of our future, and some seekers think it’ll usher in the greatest changes we’ve been waiting to see…

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