SaLuSa – 9/19/14

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Oracles and Healers

Mike QuinseyThe vibrations and influences of the last cycle are destined to die away, as they are replaced by the more refined ones of the New Age. There is something of a battle taking place for supremacy between the dark and Light, but there is no contest inasmuch that the Light is destined to reign supreme. The dark are steadily losing power and no matter how much they try, they cannot overcome their demise. However, they are to be reckoned with until their power is removed. They cannot last much longer and are already losing their influence where worldly matters are concerned. It is their karma to experience defeat and the failure of their plan for global dominance. In their gross arrogance did they really imagine that God would allow them to decimate the population. They planned to reduce it dramatically to a “manageable” number that they could easily control. So…

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Truth Call With Daryl Frech: NESARA Farm Claims Education

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Truth Call With Daryl Frech: NESARA Farm Claims Education.


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September 20, 2014, Kewaunee will be speaking with the Phoenix chapter of MUFON at the Arizona Historical Society Museum. Please visit their website at http://phoenixmufon.com or click the image below for details.

Kewaunee Phoenix MUFON Presentation

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ZORRA – FROM HOLLOW EARTH 09/17 by HOLLOW * EARTH * NETWORK | Spirituality Podcasts

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ZORRA – FROM HOLLOW EARTH 09/17 by HOLLOW * EARTH * NETWORK | Spirituality Podcasts.

Elements of dissolution favor Gaia’s growth into Higher Consciousness

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Hope this rapid advancement will happen soon, I wish it to be faster.


gaia_energy1Elements of dissolution favor Gaia’s growth into Higher Consciousness.

Such elements have continually been seeded into corrupted Gaia energy grid structures during the past millennium, and, at a highly elevated rate, during the past seven months, and will continue at accelerated pace for the remainder of this calendar year.

Dissolution of old paradigm grid structures must occur prior to attainment of full awareness, necessary for ascension.

hu-manity overall consciousness advancement has slowed during the past months, however, this is soon to change, and rapid acceleration is expected shortly.

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Q&A: Galactic Fleets and Relationship Issues

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I have seen a ship, moving slowly in the sky during the daytime. Saw a chemtrail also. The ship disappeared, and the chemtrial disappeared. I was intending that the chemtrail disappear, and said thanks for the hope from those on the ship.

The Annac Blog

Fleet of UFOs in the sky

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

The more you practice channeling and the various other greater spiritual capabilities you’re beginning to discover you can hone, the stronger these abilities will become. Dedication to the channeling flow will always be important for anyone who wants to hone their ability, and this can obviously be said for any ability under the sun.

As long as you’re willing to practice your respective creative/spiritual abilities as much and as often as possible, you’ll find little difficulty utilizing them at any given time of day.

Your ability to act as clear and pure conduits for your higher selves, guides and the rest of the Company of Heaven is growing with each day that passes, and we note that your enthusiasm to contribute to your new society is growing immensely as a result.

Your creativity will…

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A Few VT Articles I found “interesting”… and a Note… and a Kp Rant…

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I agree, we need to share what is gong on, and provide an alternative to the way we are doing things. Look into the free energy technology, share the free energy technologies in the articles.
Share that the oil, natural gas, nuclear power is an harmful thing, then say that the free energy divices are better, like the wind, solar, and the new things people are working on like motors made of magnets that keep running for a very long time, and such. Do share the links to these sites. Like the Keshe site. We need to share and help these inventors to get their inventions, products out in use.

Cobra Update, September 16, 2014

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Bashar After contact

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Do listen to this,

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