Eliza: On Post-Ascension Syndrome

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A message from the galactics

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Do look at this, http://disclosure-2012.com/page/488363596

Archangel Gabriel via Shelly Young: Daily Message – 10.24.14

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Openhearted Rebellion

Channeled through Shelly Young, Trinity Esoterics, October 24, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/mt4bv2n

Dear Ones, you cannot be in love and in judgment at the same time. Love includes, accepts and nurtures, judgment excludes, rejects and punishes. Which would you like to receive? How would you like your partner to feel? Only love, unconditional love, will create the safe environment for your relationship to grow and evolve to its highest potential. ~Archangel Gabriel

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In Your Favor

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The Creator Writings

As you probably know, yesterday we had several young people wounded in a senseless act of violence less than 30 miles from where I live. I asked Creator for some words of solace and this is what I received. I have been asked to dedicate this Writing in memory of those who lost their lives and to those that will be forever marked by the experience.

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SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey 10-24-14… “Beings with an understanding of how to bring about peaceful solutions are rising up, and their voices will be heard and taken notice of”

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An open letter to all Canadians and members of the media from the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians

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Light Bodies

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Freedom4humanity's Blog

Much has happened in the nine days since the invocation with my friend Kelly where I made the surrender proposal to the leader of the Chimera, a man called Seth. The Chimera are dark loving ETs who came to earth thousands of years ago. They built underground bases and installed technologies targeting to control humanity and keep humanity in limited consciousness.

The essence of the proposal is that the Chimera surrender to the Light and decommission all their technologies, in return the Chimera will be allowed to choose from Light based survival options including remaining on earth and becoming fully human. Seth accepted this proposal.
It occurred to me that the Light’s Resistance who have already removed the Chimera from all but two of their underground bases and defeated the reptilians guarding them would benefit from knowledge of this surrender proposal. When Kelly and I did our next invocation I…

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SaLuSa – October 24, 2014

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Oracles and Healers

Mike QuinseyDear Ones, we hear the cries of those who are those who feel that they have been abandoned, and try hard to find a purpose in life. In the midst of the turmoil that is going on they are confused and unable to see a future for themselves. If only they could grasp the enormity of what is taking place they might see that major changes are underway. The New Age commenced earlier this year when the old energies started to withdraw to be replaced by the new ones coming in, meaning that for the time being they have both influenced your thinking. However, the new energies will replace the old and bring about advances and changes, that will clearly indicate the path Mankind is taking. It is realised that you are confused by events taking place, but if you stand back and take a good look at them you…

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FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 10-20-14… “Did the dragon family take control of the Federal Reserve Board”

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Office of Poofness 10-22-14… “Mid-Week Report”

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