The Earth is Everyone’s Responsibility

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We all need to work to clean things up, and create non polluting ways of living. We all need a lifestyle change. We also need to have the technologies available to do this and not have the corporations control us to do the same thing. We need freedom from this. And I think things are changing. Keep standing up to the old ways, of polluting and create new ways of doing things, living, making things. Help those that are starting new businesses, using new non polluting methods.

The Annac Blog

Credit: depassejones.com

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

It becomes clear to anyone who looks around that we’re dealing with a unique situation here on earth.

We live on a beautiful planet that provides everything we could ever need and then some, and we humans aren’t the only ones here. We’re one out of thousands of sentient creatures who share this planet, and instead of using our evolutionary superiority to help our fellow species, we’ve practically dominated them into oblivion.

Our precious resources are in the hands of a small collective of rich, powerful and influential people who seem to tower over the rest of the world, and aware activists and organizations have strived to raise awareness of the crimes they commit on a daily basis.

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