Eliza: The Game of Hearts

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Blue Dragon Journal

Cottonwood Heart

Eliza: A Game of Hearts

“I see you!”

This simple phrase, taken from the movie, “Avatar” and a greeting of the people of the moon, Pandora, has taken greater meaning on for me.

It is meant to communicate that the person using the greeting sees into the heart of the one being greeted.

We often forget the power of words. Words are magic. Words contain power. We have forgotten that words should not be misused or used unwisely. By learning to be silent until you can speak from a place of wisdom, balance and compassion, you will see your world begin to transform, first from an inner level and eventually, on the outer.

This morning, I underwent a simple exchange with another friend which helped me move into a new level of acceptance for the transformation that I have just moved through and continue to move through, ascension within the…

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