Sheldan Nidle Update 3-31-15…

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paoweb_globegrid104Suggestion: read with Higher Discernment turned “on”.

“We come with some news regarding the progress being made to set up a schedule for delivery of your prosperity funds…. These are now being examined by a number of the ancient families with regard to how these massive payments are to be handled by the myriad of banks involved in the ever-growing delivery networks. Many governments are as well involved… security of these funds is one of the main reasons for the delays of the last few years…

“These delays have been addressed and a new system put into place temporarily. This system is to be used to test the viability of a newer one. Swift codes, or “Society for Interbank Financial Telecommunication” codes, are to be replaced by a new system, which is currently in development. That system is related to the new Chinese AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank), the new…

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Collections of Inner Levels rise to the surface

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gaia_energy1Collections of Inner Levels rise to the surface.

Connections of independent Higher Levels strengthen, and move upward.

Openings of the Inner Light are seen for what they are in Truth.

Flashes of Brilliance come forth from beyond the openings, and are recognized.

Hue-manity connects. hu-manity dis-connects.

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A short update on the upcoming lunar eclipse

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aisha north

For now, much has been set into motion that will take more than a few of you by surprise, as the incoming crescendo of light that will accompany the darkening of the moon will be such, it will literally blow the lid off the deepest of reservoirs within. And when this treasure trove opens, much will be put into action in ways that will be apt to take more than a few of you by storm. For as the moon darkens, you will all begin to light up in a way you have not been able to do before, and as such, this upcoming period will be one of great enlightenment for all. But as usual, with the light also comes strife for those so inclined, as the refusal to accept these emissaries will be met with an increase in pressure that will set alight quite a few incendiary flames…

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Perhaps it’s Time for a “Dash of Ken” (O’Keefe, that is) on your “Democracy is Right for Everyone” salad…

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U.S. Veteran Ken O’Keefe Goes Off on NGOs, Warfare, and Overthrowing Governments

U.S. Veteran and Global Activist; the Esteemed and Highly Respected Defender of Humanity, Ken O’Keefe Cross Talks with Peter LaVelle


Published on Mar 30, 2015
Many in the West believe the destiny of the human race is to embrace Western liberal democratic values. This may or may not be true, but it partially explains why Washington and its allies are so willing to overthrow governments around the world – even if they are democratically elected. And the favorite tool is the NGO. CrossTalking with Ken O’Keefe, Joe Lauria, and Richard Weitz.

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Cobra Update 3-25-15… “March Monthly Update, Another Interview and the Breakthrough Conference Report”

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portal2012_logo_vertical121This somehow escaped the blog’s view. I felt there were a couple of important notes in this one. Here’s some highlights, from my view.

“With the completion of the last Uranus-Pluto square the last Window of Opportunity has been closed. This simply means that all our portal activations have stabilized the etheric Light grid around the planet to the point that the Archons and the Chimera can never completely retake it again. We are now deep into the Breakthrough phase, energy steadily accumulating for the final Breakthrough which will culminate into the Event.

“Then, one day before the conference [in Konstanz (Germany)], we had a solar eclipse happening just a few hours before the equinox. This eclipse signifies the return of balance to the planet.

“The conference was a huge success, as we managed to create a breakthrough of balance with a strong, dedicated group. The energy of balance…

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Benjamin Fulford 3-31-15… “Proposal for world federation has now been passed on to key power centers”

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Sounds like a good plan. We all need to work together, openly, so all our needs are met.

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“Under this proposal, the United Nations Security council would be replaced by people representing the political consensus of seven major regional groupings. These would be Africa, China, East Asia excluding China, Europe including Russia, India, the Muslim world and North plus South America.

“So far the Pentagon plus the agencies, the P2 lodge (the Vatican), the Chinese, the Russians, the Germans and the British have all given initial signs they support this plan.

“…we can find strong evidence that a new system has been agreed upon in principle. When China announced its Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the cabalists in Washington told their allies not to join. Since then, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, South Korea, Russia etc have all announced they would join. This forced the IMF and the World Bank to also announce their support. In other words, the secret controllers of the Federal Reserve Board have lost…

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Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 7/6… “These are things that will happen in stages, that is the point of a ‘PLAN'”…

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GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_14This question is a pretty long one, but I feel GoodETxSG’s comments about them may be quite helpful to many.

And yes, this is indeed 7/6 (7 of 6, although it’s really 7 of 7). There may or may not be another one. If so, I’ll omit the numbers.

A few highlights (from my view) are below (please note that any bolding in the highlights is mine).

[Q] “Maybe think of it like this….perhaps it’s not a matter of a new system being imposed on us, as you are envisioning. Maybe it’s more a matter of them planning for a new system organically and it naturally arising within a very loose and adaptable framework once the old system has been dismantled… With the availability of certain technologies mentioned (energy/healing/food replication, etc) certain old ways of doing things will become immediately obsolete… Everyone would be able to generate vast surpluses of…

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Who is Ra? – A Review of First Density

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law-of-one-book-i-the-ra-materialBy Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

We might’ve talked about first density before, but I wanted to review it here for those of you who haven’t yet learned about it. Ra’s term ‘density’ is different from the usual term that’s used, ‘dimension’, and because of this, there are differences in Ra’s descriptions compared to any other.

Before we start the review, I wanted to make a quick note about my opinion on channeling and the agendas of the various channeled entities who’ve spoken through mediums.

This is obviously a taboo subject, even for some spiritually conscious people, and some people would never open up to the idea that there are entities on higher planes of reality who we can connect with and receive advice, guidance and descriptions of the higher realms from.

Even if I don’t seem credible to other conscious people who don’t think the same way, I do…

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Office of Poofness 3-29-15… “Open Up Your Heart”

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poofness_office_of_131Enjoy the message. That is all I have to add.

Music video and lyrics at the end.

[Poof] “The music is playing. The times are a’rolling along, the play is about to start; the players are gathering and the juices are salivating as the moves are now readying the world for a change of pace. You want so much to know the day and the hour; that just is not possible as much as the energies for knowing reflect the tension and the stress. Just do know that the long awaited shift in power and energies is about to happen. NO, this will not be a flip flop type of experience; it will all be done but there aren’t enough clear headed souls to make this a ‘go’ all at once.

“We are clear that all signals are going ‘green’ — but then again and again must we remind you…

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Note from GoodETxSG about the Upcoming Videos from David Wilcock…

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GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_12This, of course, refers to the videos of the interview of GoodETxSG which David Wilcock has recorded, and is now editing, and will eventually release.


Forum Post #640

[Q] More importantly, will he be charging for people to see the video?… If these are important messages for a humanity that has been brought to it’s knees, then they must be freely available. [click here to view entire question]

[GoodETxSG] Yes, the video’s may be hosted somewhere else but will be announced on Divinecosmos.com. They will be broken in approximately 1 hour episodes and release all at once. They will be a Free releases to the public.



Donate to GoodETxSG’s work (to cover travel expenses, etc.) by clicking the GoodETxSG blog link, then clicking the image that says “Donate to Help Continue the Disclosure Mission” (in upper right of page)…

GoodETxSG blog (note: there…

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