Big Island Video News 4-29-15… “VIDEO: Volcano Lava Lake Spills Over Rim”

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Now this is BIG. It’s a demonstration of what I was talking about in the last couple of posts. BREAKTHROUGH, baby!!



Notice in the HVO webcam photo I pulled this morning, above, you can see the lava flowed out of the vent (to the right). In the thermal webcam, below, you can see this overflow on the left.

…and now I checked again, and it appears to have morphed into a more delicious shape…

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About the 4-28-15 Kīlauea Journey… What Is Happening… and what we did… “Explosion At Volcano Lava Lake”

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halemaumau_explosion_in_lava_lake_150428 This happened today… AFTER the mission… Click to enlarge…

[Update: This “explosion event” could be related to the explosion in awareness occurring here and around the planet about Aloha ‘Aina, Mauna Kea, and The Kingdom of Hawai’i.]

I’ve been feeling amazingly “drained” all day, and even now, but I will finish this short post.

The 4-28-15 “Journey”, which I was called on yesterday, I could tell was a mission. Something about connecting with the fire of Kīlauea and opening it further, so the energies of transformation and formation of New Earth would come forth. And stuff like that.

All I can say is I first went to the Jaggar Observatory overlook, where I heard three girls (young ladies) speaking Hawaiian. Then went to Kīlauea overlook, and connected there, and did a ceremony, of which I remember nothing. Finally, I returned to Jaggar parking lot, and went past the rope…

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More on Finding Our Creative Purpose

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Credit: Lifehack.org

By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

It’s no secret that we’re in a time of transition, and some of us have been asking ourselves how we want to contribute to our spiritual revolution.

We’re being led to creative outlets that are intended to enhance the light we give to the conscious community, and as we open up to our higher consciousness and let our creative side flow, we’re given all kinds of opportunities to share our work with the world.

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Sheldan Nidle Update 4-28-15…

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paoweb_globegrid106What drew my “tune in” to post this was primarily the piece below. This relates to what is happening with many I know, some occasionally in “distress”, as well as what is occurring at Mauna a Wakea (Mauna Kea) and around the planet with people claiming and demanding protection for their sacred locations.

“As you become aware of what is presently happening in this reality, use this energy to help each other. We are in reality, one. This grand unity is at the core of these times. One does not need to go to Heaven to learn how easily miracles are waiting for you. Your grand spiritual power is what this age is all about. Learn to cherish each other and to do much needed service for Gaia. Each aspect of humanity and each section of Gaia’s ecosystems, are precious and sacred.”

Suggestion: read with Higher Discernment turned “on”.


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man sewing, hem jeans

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150428 Kīlauea Journey 5

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150428 Kīlauea Journey 4

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150428 Kīlauea Journey 3

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150428 Kīlauea Journey 2

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150428 Kīlauea Journey 1

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