You are always in the Presence of God

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Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday May 31st

Excitement mounts as the moment for “The Event” approaches. Many of you are not feeling the excitement, and it seems to you that the imminence of humanity’s awakening has been horribly overstated. It has not! Just try to release your need for a time-line because it anchors you very firmly in the illusion from which you are in the process of awakening. It is a little as though your alarm clock had rung to wake you but you hit the snooze button as you groaned “not yet!” Many of you are far too comfortable snoozing on as you complain that nothing of note is ever going to happen. Remember, what you focus on is what you experience, so focus on your intent to awaken from the dream, because that is what you incarnated to do. And humanity will awaken with you.

There is…

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150530 Ceremony of Clearing and Regeneration at Kīlauea

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The Enormity!!!! Phew baby even!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


There are so many fragments of information/understanding floating about my crazy consciousness and I am sitting here trying to capture them to put them into a coherent story, not so easy.  So if today’s sharing seems erratic, well…

I think the easiest way to start is to share my experience at the ENTs (ears, nose, throat specialist) yesterday.  I had the pure privilege (NOT) of getting a camera stuck up my nose and snaked down my throat to see what is happening with my larynx.  Of course, I did volunteer for this crazy, very unpleasant experience.  I wanted to rule out anything other than energy reconstruction happening in the voice box.  But spirit used the opportunity to give me/us a much larger understanding of this incredible, dynamic month of energy we call May.

Before my doc pulled that camera out of my throat, she had me count backwards from 69…

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Cobra Update 5-28-15… “Free the Colonies! Update and Videos”

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Kauilapele's Blog

portal2012_logo_vertical131An important message and a reminder for this 5-30 Free the Colonies activation.

“The Light forces have then built their own network of underground cities and this network was holding the Light for the planet in the last 26,000 years… The dark forces have also built their own network of underground dwellings and they have allied with Dracos and Reptilians already living in certain locations underground. They have been keeping the darkness for this planet in the last 26,000 years…

“In the beginning of the 20th century, the positive Pleiadians from Aldebaran have decided to assist humanity in achieving spaceflight and overunity in order to help them set free from Chimera and Cabal control. By telepathic contact through Marija Orsic of the famous Vril Society they have given instructions how to build a working spacecraft. Unfortunately, the Vril Society was taken over first by the Jesuits through their Rothschild agent…

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Message from Matthew 5-23-15…

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Kauilapele's Blog

matthew28I’m sure there is something here for someone. I am unable to look at this in detail at the moment.


Message from Matthew 5-23-15

Earthquakes in Nepal in ascension context; Earth’s energy field of potential; Illuminati history; historic exploitation of Earth populations; lightworkers; love-light in everyday life

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us speak first about the earthquakes in Nepal in the context of planetary and personal ascension. Mother Nature was dispersing negativity produced primarily by bloodshed and the fearful, dire conditions in which vast numbers of your population are living. If negativity were allowed to accumulate, it would upset Earth’s tenuous balance and adversely affect her ascension course; to preclude that, she is using quakes, tremors, volcanic eruptions and severe storms to release negativity as it gathers.

On a personal level, the earthquakes in Nepal enabled thousands of souls to…

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The Quarantine

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Freedom4humanity's Blog

Lets start with a little Quarantine 101.

The last time I wrote a blog post with Quarantine in the title was three years ago and at that time I believed the cover story that the quarantine of earth and of humanity was imposed upon us by the Light to prevent humanity from exporting their war-fareing ways on the rest of the cosmos. Since then, I have learned a great deal about the quarantine and its origins.

The quarantine was imposed upon humanity by the dark, not by the Light, and its purpose is to isolate humanity and its individual members from Light based information and Light based services. Basically, the dark masters of earth told the Light that they would blow up the planet and destroy it unless the Light agreed to honour their quarantine denying information and Light based resources to the planet and to its residents, e.g. humanity…

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What’s the Point of Being Positive?

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Wes Annac's Personal Blog

Credit: Wellnesscoachingaustralia.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

With all of the bad things that are happening right now, why should we be positive? Why should we try to ‘send love and light’ as some people in the conscious community say, when there’s so much destruction and wickedness in the world?

Some people might think that the spiritual seekers who try to stay in a loving space are fooling themselves, and the word ‘new ager’ is usually tossed about when it comes to this subject.

Is being ‘positive’ an excuse to avoid the negative things happening in the world, or is there a deeper purpose behind it? From my perspective, staying in a balanced, heart-centered space is more crucial than ever, and it’s precisely because of all of the twisted things that are happening right now.

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Cobra Update 5-16-15… “Disclosure”

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Kauilapele's Blog

portal2012_logo_vertical128This new update from Cobra is short and sweet. Enjoy.



It is time to begin the process of Disclosure. Therefore I am releasing two relatively recent genuine images, coming from the Dragon sources, related to the Disclosure process. I have been instructed by the Light forces not yet to reveal what exactly is on those two images, because human mind then starts to speculate and intellectualize. It is much more important for the people to have a direct energetic experience of the images.

In the future, whenever I will release genuine images, I will say so explicitly.

The Breakthrough is near!

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Message from Pua Case… “Sacred Mountain – Mauna Kea, Hawaii”

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Kauilapele's Blog


Pua Case is (as I understand) one of the organizers for tomorrow’s Kailua Kona march. She and her ohana live here on Big Island. I felt this was a very pertinent video to post for this time which has a message for us all.

Published on Jan 18, 2014
Stand with us to help save Hawai’i’s most sacred mountain, Mauna Kea @ Facebook – “Protect Mauna Kea”

(For the Love of the Mountain)

“Aloha mai kakou,

If you would just take a moment to pause from your busy day and think about the most
sacred place that you are connected to, the place that brings you peace and accepts your prayers, very likely the place where your grandparents and their parents once prayed, the place you would safeguard with all of your might, with all that you are and all that you have. If you said the holy…

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Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 5-16-15… Facebook Post… “Results of Frequency Changes”

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Kauilapele's Blog

GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_48I’ve placed a few highlights below.

“The change in the frequency of the energetic waves are causing quite a few signs in the heavens and on the Earth… There are some deep sea Super Volcanoes that have been kept top secret… that are in thin areas of the Earth’s Crust and under thousands of pounds of pressure (Per sq inch) of the ocean they are under.

“There are more volcanic eruptions and quite a few more Earthquakes expected during this “Shift”. We can only imagine how much more turmoil we would be experiencing without the thousands of spheres that are equidistantly spaced through our Sol System to diffuse and disperse the “Energetic Tsunami Waves” that are rushing through our system.

“Now is a time more than any other to become more Loving, Forgiving and Focus on Raising Your Vibration/Consciousness. I believe we are getting ready to witness things get worse…

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