Absolute Completion into New Beginnings.

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Somedays, I swear the field is oozing that deadly (but in this case, good) carbon monoxide gas, odorless, tasteless and unseeable that smacks you down right into your core and ya can’t move, all you can do is feel into the depths of yourself.  The energies from the people I was reading in the field were, I suppose binding into themselves.  One lady showed up enmeshed in that black, blue and violet energy, her body twisted up like she was a living screw:


Only her head was twisted as well, but her arms were up and over her head, and her team said she is reaching higher than she ever did before and that they are showing me the visual of her twisty-ness that also takes in the energy of sacred geometry, but later last evening, I also understood too, solidifying her connection to the new earth.  Think of how…

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