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I like this message. I have not felt the outdoors to be wild, I feel the cities are wild, and the ‘wilderness’ tame. I also feel that the people that came, non natives, were, are the savage ones. Humanity needs to learn how to be nice and get along with all things, all life, to shed our ‘civilized’ way of being. To learn to live in peace, harmony with all things, and to not control everything. To allow the native species to roam free, and not be fenced out, or in, or killed because they went somewhere we thought they should not.
I ask that where one finds others saying to stay away from ‘wild’ creatures, to disregard this, and allow open contact with them, unless one feels one is in danger, if one chooses. Teach others that the ‘wild’ creatures are to be allowed to roam free, and not be feared, not thought of as wild. Not sure what to call them, maybe just free, and no different that the cats, dogs, and such that we co-habitate with. Be open to communicating with these creature on a telepathic level.

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