Approaching a New Earth: The Fall of the Cabal

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The Annac Blog

A new earth. Credit: greatcomissionschool.blogspot.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

David Wilcock recently released a new article about the cabal’s inevitable demise, and as usual, it’s packed with information about the ‘cosmic drama’ as he calls it, that we’re going through.

I’ve followed David’s work for years, and he’s been a major force in my awakening and my interest in spirituality, extraterrestrials and the fall of the Luciferian cabal. In his latest article, he continued to offer tons of information from various news sources to make the point that the cabal is falling and trying to take the world down with them.

An assortment of unsettling things are happening that ultimately point to the cabal’s defeat and the establishment of a new way of life that takes every person’s needs into account, and we’ll want to prepare for the amazing things we’ll learn and the revolutionary things we’ll have…

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Zen Gardener video

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youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=440&v=g0S6VuI_9fI

Spiritual Friends

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Freedom4humanity's Blog

I am not a very social person, in fact some people label me anti-social. That may or may not be accurate as small talk bores me in the extreme and I soon run for cover. Before devoting myself to developing spiritually, I played bridge and my friends including my second wife came from the bridge community.

When I began my spiritual journey I ‘knew’ I would be leaving the bridge community and asked the ‘Universe’ to provide a new set of friends. One of the first was a man by the name of Mark Brewer. He was and is a longtime traveller of the spirit realms and helped me immensely, including modelling the type of spiritual friend that I aim for and have become.

A spiritual friend is someone who targets to assist another as they travel along their evolutionary path. Mark did a great job as my spiritual friend and mentor…

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Divine Cosmos, link

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The Wonders and Intensity of September!!! (and other stuff too)

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


I swear, yesterday was like hitting the information lottery!  It really tied together the information that came out the day prior but that I woke up too late to share yesterday, now I see why.  Here’s praying I do not forget any of it today!!

Many of us fully realize so much has changed in our lives since we moved past the August 15th dateline, equally, there is an odd (odder than usual) disorientation with this period as well.  However, thru many readings over the last two days, so much precious information came thru you that often times, I was literally on my feet going OMG, now this all makes sense.  So let me see if I can find a beginning and tie it all up!!  Warning, this is going to be a long sharing!!!!

A couple of days ago I was writing a check to pay a bill and…

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David Wilcock and Corey Goode on Jimmy Church’s FADE to BLACK 8-24-15

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David Wilcock, Major New Article, 8-24-15… “Terrifying Global Events: Triggers for Mass Awakening?”… Page 1

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Kingdom of Hawai’i blog, 8-23-15… Ali`i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr., “King’s Letter to Governor Ige, ‘Let There Be No Misunderstanding’”

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Interesting. Looks like the Native Hawaiians are taking back their land, nation.


Gordon Duff VT 8-23-15… “Israel’s Rage and Impotence, the Final Days”

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Interesting. The old is leaving, and the new coming.

Kevin Barrett VT 8-20-15… “MSM covers Charlie Hebdo conspiracy talk”

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