As the Body Changes….

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Well, yesterday didn’t go as I planned… again!!  I was hoping, excuse me, expecting to learn more about the readings the day before from the presentations yesterday.  Nope.  The only thing that happened when I attempted to align with the field was get a runny nose.  I didn’t have a runny nose before or after, only during my attempts.  However, my continual attempts simply produced clarity of how much my floor needed washing!!

I also became incredibly aware of something else… I am not sure how to put it into words really, but the closest I can get is to call it the separateness of body.  When someone would ask me how I feel, “I” felt great, my body feels like is going thru the ringer.  I would spike energy fevers (not the kind of fevers like when we are sick, similar but different.)  My body was producing and on…

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Some ideas to live by

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KP Message 11-29-15… “Every Day is a Holiday!”

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150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_2I’m getting that a message is coming. “So”, I’m asking, “What’s the deal?”

One of the things is, all of this holiday stuff. I just saw part of a video yesterday, that showed people shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, often called, Black Friday (now, that has got to be a cabal-generated name). Well, many will know what I saw. People fighting each other for “deals”, “specials”, and other stuff. How ridiculous and $$-centered (€,£,¥-centered) this business gets.

Yes, it’s about the idea of “having” stuff. But it’s also about the so-called “Higher Ups” (financial elite) playing money games with people. And the CMMM*, giving them something “mind-numbing” to report on one of their 5 or 6 world networks, to keep those who are easily “sucked in” (the “suckers”) to those things, in a continuous brainwashed state, and stuck in the old paradigm that you’ve got to fight for the

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Dr. Steven Greer 11-21-15, “How the Secret Government Works”

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Just passing this on, follow your heart as to if this is your truth or not.

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steven_greer_from_videoOkay, I left part of the title off. Yes, this is “explosive”, but I do sense that so many have been waking up to parts of this that it might not seem quite as “explosive”. But I do feel this information will be very valuable to many. I know that because I have not watched the entire video.

Thanks to Barbara for this. Originally found at In5D. Text below video is from the video, and below that, from the In5D article.


Published on Nov 23, 2015
Dr. Greer has been involved in the highest levels of governments and military for over 25 years and will share what he has learned on the who, what, where and why of UFO secrecy and the deep transnational security state and the constellation of illegal projects that are currently operating.

Join the founder of the global Disclosure movement, Dr. Steven Greer…

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WE Are the Ancient Aliens and NOW Is the Time To Remember….

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


My internet has been completely out from Friday at 8am, all day Saturday and was restored, FINALLY, sometime early this morning.  I don’t know what the problem was, but it had nothing to do with weather at all.  Meditation class will be tonight at regular time (4pm in my world.)  I wrote most of this blog yesterday, waiting for the internet to come back on so I could publish it, since that never happened, I am adding to it and will try to fix the language, but if I don’t catch it all, please forgive me.)

What an amazing, mind-blowing day of information and interconnections Friday was!!  Lets start with my non-sleep experiences the last few nights, but most especially, the night of the 26th.  I am usually asleep before my head hits the pillow and sleep solidly, save the 2 am potty run.  I never have trouble sleeping or…

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Rothschild Czar Bill Gates To Face Trial In India: Millions Of Children Poisoned By Vaccine! – Golden Age of Gaia

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We post this article and ask our readers to please keep in mind that it’s how we feel about what’s put before us that matters.  As all of this unfolds, it’s our work and our challenge to keep the focus on Love and stay in our hearts. http://politicalvelcraft.org/2014/10/14/rothschild-czar-bill-gates-to-face-trial-in-india-millions-of-children-poisoned-by-vaccine/ Have Bill Gates and his eugenicist foundation’s …

Source: Rothschild Czar Bill Gates To Face Trial In India: Millions Of Children Poisoned By Vaccine! – Golden Age of Gaia

Susan’s note:
Worth doing your own research on this. Find the truth, share the truth. Do no harm to anyone, anything.


A Couple (well, a few, really) of VT articles… for Information only…

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_166I decided to not resist and “toe the line” about “not posting Syria stuff”. Anyway, more and more news coming out, more and more “apocalypses” (note this morning’s KpRadioHawaii). Russia and Putin are getting the job done that is needed, and is certainly a part of carrying this planet forward, and upward.


NEO – Russia will now eliminate all air threats to its forces in Syria (I recommend reading the insightful comment by Jim Dean in this one)

[Jim Dean] “…This could be Erdogan’s last gasp of credibility on the world stage. The Russians have destroyed over 1000 oil tanker trucks, and news has broken that Erdogan’s son has recently bought a $35-million oil tanker for one of the front companies the Erdogan family is using to loot Syria and Turkey.

“Washington continued its steady flow of ridiculous press conferences, where statements like “Russia is destabilizing Syria and…

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A link, video

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grandmothers, Net of Life, link

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This is a good website.


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