Air-Crete Dome Homes

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Nice. Need to have some super insulated for the very cold climates, and very hot climates. This would be great for those looking to build a new home, or rebuild their current home. Work to change any laws if they say one cannot build something like this. They do need to be build strong, weather proof, safe, ie to code, or better.

Lance Schuttler, TheSpiritScience.net 12-19-15… “The Alliance That Is Taking Down The New World Order”

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a message, from Sasquatch

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This message is for all.  Do return to love, listen to the Native People as they share what they know.  They have always known of the space brothers and sisters, who some call aliens, who are family actually.  The natives have always known of the sasquatch, inner earth, and such.  Time to listen and accept this.


Hawaii Tribune-Herald 12-26-15… “Group to exercise ‘right to travel’”

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I have thought this is our right also. I think the way we police things needs to change, to a way that is of the 5D and higher vibrations. We need these in the higher realms to give us suggestions on how to make these changes, if needed. The controlling others is changing to no control, this is good. More of this needs to happen. I think we still need to have vehicles in good running condition. As well as lights, and using turn signals like we do now, to show others our intent to change lanes, and turn. Break lights to show we are slowing or stopping. The laws of traffic violations, and such, need to go. No more punishing for such things. Those that wish can work on changing the laws, legally changing the laws, controls. This needs to happen world wide, glad some are starting this change. We are free, and we are exercising our freedom.


a video, mars object

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Thought I would share this.  If authentic, looks like there is or was life on Mars and I would like to know more.  The governments need to share all they know, no more secrets.


Sewing machine pad

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KP Message 12-25-15… “The Cleansing of ‘the Passions'”

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Yes I have felt this also. Things I used to like are not interesting to me. I am allowing the new to come in, what ever that is. Seems like just siting and watching nature is more my thing now. Also creating things, cooking, sewing, painting, well see if that changes.


Ascended Lady Master Pallas Athena: Begin in the Now ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda

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Palas%20AthenaPallas Athena (Received November 15, 2015):

Begin in the Now, begin in Pure Source Consciousness, be Present in the Now, be your True Divine Self Now. It (Your True Divine Self) is forever eternal and present. Acknowledge it now, beloveds.

Greetings, I AM Pallas Athena, coming to you in Pure Source Consciousness.

I speak from your core, beloveds. The core that is you. Speak from your core now. Live from your core now. Be your true core now…your Pure Love Consciousness, your Pure Christ Consciousness, your Pure Love Essence. Your Compassionate Presence. Knowing All and Being All. You are One with All.

I come to you to remind you of your core. Of your Pure Essential Core, One with Source. Step into that core now. Go deeper. Feel it deeper. You are lit up in Pure Source Consciousness now as you feel it deeply. It is your birthright. It is…

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Gary McKinnon interviewed by Richard D. Hall, 12-1-15

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Ancient Code… “NASA hacker: I found evidence America has Deep Space Warships”

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