PoliticusUSA.com 1-26-16… “President Obama on the Verge of Issuing a “Citizens United Stunner””

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video, meditation for peace

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The Energy Surge and Wonder of it All!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

energy release

What a wonderfully strange, reflective, love infused, wild airwave day yesterday was.  Not productive for readings, but differently productive for understanding the bigger picture unfolding and I really feel that is what spirits mission is right now.  For us to really not only see and understand the bigger picture, but to KNOW how important YOU ARE, WE ARE to its unfolding.

I use google voice to call and receive all calls.  The google voice number rings on both my landline and my cell phone.  I rarely have a strong enough wifi signal (zero cell signal here) to have the phone part of my phone functional, so that is nothing unusual at all.  I tried calling my first connection of the day, when I place a call thru google voice, I do it on the computer, it rings my landline, I pick up and answer my landline which connects the number…

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USING the Earths Magnetic Field and Your Soul Compass Together!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Holy magnetic vibrations batman!!  The field, YOU are just permeating with such intense magnetism that my head and brains were vibrating to kingdom come as the day deepened with readings.  Phew!!  The most interesting experience in this crazy body, even tho it ended in a reschedule, was actually rather interesting to experience.  Well, less the experience and moreso the understanding that came with the experience of how I work. By the time my 6th and last reading rolled around, I felt like I had to put my hands on my head to just sooth the vibration that was happening.  When I cranked my antenna’s outside, the visual came easily, crystal clear in seeing.  The vibration of earth magnetic field, which is showing up in the readings as silver energy, was experienced in just about every reading, including hers.  When I tried to tap into what I was seeing… tap into…

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A Note about the “Online X-Files Viewing”… my experience has now Improved (and so has my attitude (dammit!))

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The Magnetic Force of Creation is Set!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Finally!!  Life returns to the surface of the earthing in reading land!!  YAY!!  We once again have our personal bubble of creations set, and let me tell ya, they are as beautiful and radiant as the unified bubble of creation, only instead of being gel like in texture, it is much more glass like in texture.  Solid, reflective thru the whole universe and made up of that mixture of deep golden bronze coloring.  And thru the readings yesterday, it was finally revealed why spirit is showing this amazing color mixture.  The golden energy is from the sun, the bronzish coloring is from the earth, the two blended as one whole living system.

Also, thru January, when spirit was showing us the “original earth” and this new expanded one, the original was always shown to the left (denoting past,) yesterday, it is now snug as a bug in the core of…

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Getting the Hang of ‘Just Be’

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Freedom4humanity's Blog

Five weeks ago on the day of the solstice, the Divinity within spoke to me…just be’. These two words were accompanied by a huge download of energy and information and it has taken some time to sort it all out.

Divinity has spoken to me before but it is rare in my experience and each time it happens, my life is changed. Divinity does not ask me or anyone else to do anything they can’t do nor anything they can’t handle. What I found was that I already knew how to just be and in fact had already applied this throughout the past several years. Why then this intervention?

I had recently pieced together the entire puzzle of earth’s dark, the controllers and designers of humanity’s current shared reality. It is an ugly picture with two powerful factions. One is a group of families with centuries of cohesiveness…

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GaiaPortal 1-26-16… “Aspersive characters are dismissed”

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A Note about the “Online X-Files Viewing”… My Experience was not positive…

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DeusNexus 1-25-16… “The X-Files Disclosure of 2016!”

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