Replacing the Existing Timeline

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Humanity’s existing timeline, created by the dark and based on scarcity and duality, is collapsing. The air is out of its tires and it will not go much further. This obsolete timeline will soon be abandoned on the side of humanity’s evolutionary path like a derelict tanker washed up on some desolate shore.

The secret government, a dark alliance of the European based RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) and the US based technological leaders, knows this and is scrambling to find a replacement timeline that keeps them in power (e.g. partial disclosure). These vainglorious machinations are doomed to failure; but the dark knows no other way and is not yet ready to surrender. The surrender option has long been available to the dark and has already been exercised by their off-world masters but the surrender option has been refused time and again by humanity’s dark; as they hope against fading hope…

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