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Every time I hear of partial disclosure, I go on tilt!

According to Ben Fulford and David Wilcock, sources I trust, partial disclosure is what is on the table in the ongoing negotiations between the secret world government and those opposing them. The reason given is that humanity cannot or will not handle full disclosure, resulting in chaos.

Who is at this negotiating table? There is not much information on this, but Wilcock calls them the black hats (the secret government) and the grey hats (those opposing them). Missing are the white hats, they are not yet invited.

In my tilt mode, I am filled with anger and frustration. My self talk is all the reasons partial disclosure will not work and begins with a full on dispute of the premise that humanity cannot handle the truth. Poppycock!!! To me this is self-serving propaganda…nothing more. Humanity has lots of practice…

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11 Days of Conjoining Energy Systems Starts Today!! Happy Full Moon!!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

moon and sun

Today we officially kick off the Siamese Twin system!!  Happy full moon everyone!!  The moon was the first thing I seen shining in my eyes when I woke up this morning.  Let me share my morning light with you too:

full moon

It’s hard to see, but I have a series of upper windows, and looking at this image now, I realize something bigger.  If we look at the windows themselves as battery cells, day by day we will each be filled with the new light of the reflective moon and then each cell will be sealed in with the light of the sun halfway thru this system timeline (22nd thru the 3rd.)  Ha, I just realized today thru the 3rd is 11 days, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all, given the 11 is all about spiritual illumination.  But we are also going to bring in the element of 5…

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Your Personal Universe and the Magnetic Pull…

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

your universe

I should have known that whatever this crazy “Siamese twin” system we are in, was going to be big, at least, energetically.  Of course, I couldn’t even fathom how big or how intense it would be, and we are only 4 days in!!  Someone posted a video on my facebook wall last week and I have been trying to weave into the days contents, which obviously has not happened yet, but today is that day!!!  So I will kick this sharing off by sharing that video here and then expanding the ongoing information from the visuals in the video itself.

I had seen a very similar image in one of the readings this past week, actually the day of the full moon, only the electrical currents were half way between the moon and the earth, coming from the core of the moon beam surrounding my lady.  Maybe the reason I…

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Be Yourself, Love Yourself

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Credit: searchquotes.com By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness Too many people want to tell you how to live, and you might be made into an outcast if you don’t follow along. Good. In a conformist soci…

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Eliza: Release

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Source: Eliza: Release


Partnering with the Meta-Physical Diamond Body.

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

I added the Diamond shape energy field to this image.  I added the Diamond shape energy field to this image.

There is sooooo much i want to share, I am gonna warn you, this is going to be a very long sharing!!  I process so much thru you, thru the readings, but there are times, when I really need to understand things more personally, full participation from the inside out.  These last two days provided just that… on steroids!!  So the first part of this sharing is going to be how the body works in this new, extraordinary field of energy.

The energies for the last week or so have been so high, the energy from the field, thru your readings, off the charts!!  When the energies get this high, my eyes are the first things to really get affected, well, my eyes and/or throat area, ohhh and lungs.  My trio lol.  I have not been wearing my contacts because…

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Three Articles about Larvacide and Microcephaly (and a caution about not fully reporting things correctly)

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Might be several factors in the illness, and other issues. Cleaning up the planet of all toxins is great.


With Blossom Goodchild at Java on the Rock… Today 2-17-16

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DavidWolfe.com 2-1-16… “Aldi – The Chain is Rivaling Whole Foods, and Health Nuts are Loving It!”

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Kp Radio Hawaii 2-17-16… “Apocalypses, Openings, and Cosmic Eggs”

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Source: Kp Radio Hawaii 2-17-16… “Apocalypses, Openings, and Cosmic Eggs”

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