Are You Ready for a Spiritual Revolution? – Part 2/2

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Each in our own lives living in a peaceful, harmonious way will, is making this happen. We are changing the world to be a peaceful place. We are cleaning up the messes that others are creating. Change comes within each of us, and this is happening. I think we are seeing more as all is revealed. Peace, a clean planet, harmony, is being created, is coming, is here, and spreading. Each person, does their part, is making it happen.

The Annac Blog

Credit: lucyoccupy.wordpress.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Continued from part 1 (read full post here).

We Don’t Need Them

We don’t need Big Brother watching our every move for ‘national security’ purposes and pouncing on us when they think we’ve done something wrong.

We don’t need militarized police forces causing mayhem in the streets, and we definitely don’t need political pundits in expensive suits screaming at us to conform to a corrupt system that serves them and their rich friends.

We need a new way of life free from the greed and corruption of the one percent, who’ll tell us any lie imaginable just to push their agenda forward. We also need a world free from the greed and corruption of the common man, whose negativity enables the world’s suffering.

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