The Life of Creation, Creates thru You and Your Emotional Core.

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

new you

What an amazing broad spectrum day yesterday was.  I was actually holding my breath connecting with my first reading, with the sheer amount of weepy (in a really good way, love drops) emotions pinging off of every center I have, I wasn’t completely sure I would be able to see.  But see I did!!  In three so surprising venues.

Of the 6 appointments on my dance card, 4 were just about the same, the only difference was the various color spectrum, but it was so vast there was no way of understanding the details… yet.  So let me start there!

There was this sooooooo freakin beautiful stream of energy coming from the sky, a portal that connected spirits side of the veil to ours.  This stream of energy was about a yard wide and was the most beautiful, multispectrum of living light I had ever seen, from silvers and golds…

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GaiaPortal 3-27-17… “Warmths of Higher Energetics imbue Hue-manity’s essence at this moment”

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Sending Love and Honor as we Celebrate the Christ Within!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

living light

Happy Easter my beloveds, the day where the focus is on resurrection, ascension, rebirth.  Not on someone else’s journey, but your own, your own amazingness to be Here, Now.  I so wish there was a way I could put a collage together to show you how much you have persisted (not calling it work lol) to not only Be Here Now, but to be the very ones that opened this massive field of High Light to Be Life itself.

I know there is so much I could be sharing from yesterday, but my head and heart are really nostalgic this morning, honoring what we all had to do, individually as well as an emerging collective to Be Here, in this way, Now.

I also turn my heart towards all of nature, the elements, All aspects of life and how much it makes sure it reflects back to us, US.  The sun…

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Suzanne Lie: The Arcturians – Remembering What You Always Knew. Part 2

The Beginning… Creations of Light Thru You!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

creations of light

Well here we are, the first day of the second quarter, the next evolution of our pimped out Self’s in body.  Our beautiful new circle of energy, that thing that reminds me of a basketball net (smile) is now set in place around you as your enhanced energy field.  I found a picture online that is sort of similar to the way I had seen everyone yesterday, except, what will show you in art here is our potential down the road, way down the road, as we learn and master this intricate, intense system we now are:

Each one of these hexagon thingies are intake and output valves, each has their own frequency and all are designed to work together as a whole unit. I kinda see these valves like the shutter of a camera lens, opening and closing at (your) will.  Most of the spaces at this beginning moment…

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The Deceptions of Na’i Aupuni… via FreeHawaii.info… Three Videos

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Benjamin Fulford March 4th, 2016 World War III update

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The Magnetic Keys are Now In the Engines of Your Life!! Vroom, Vroom!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

the key of life

I had a feeling, even as I was writing my blog yesterday, my energy system was so low from the lack of sleep, the day of readings was going to be challenging.  Forget challenging, they were just non-existent… sort of.  I think the easiest way to explain the enormity of understanding and experience yesterday, is to explain what I could see, when and why.

As I tried to connect to my first lady of the day, both out in the field as well as in my kitchen to see her new pimped out body matrix, neither happened.  Instead, there was a swirl of energy in the airspace in my kitchen that communicated that the field itself as well as the body, the magnetic points of each, were in the process of linking up together, sending the energy signals to each other to create the next phase called life experience.


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GaiaPortal 3-24-16… “Preliminaries are at an end, as Cosmic energetics prevail”

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Sheldan Nidle Update 3-22-16…

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