160430 Kīlauea Mission (or Journey… whatever) 3… “I AM an Independent Cosmic Contractor”

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160430 Kīlauea Mission (or Journey… whatever) 2

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I like the kingdom of the awakened planet.

The Living Luminosity of May.

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


I think today I am going to focus today’s sharing around one primary reading yesterday, because the more I look at the imagery, the more I understand its significance and the energy of May itself.  I created a super humble diagram of the way this April-May field has been looking to me the last several days (much more beautiful and radiant than this, but hey, it does give you a visual to follow along with lol.)

april may

It is only in the last few days, when the whole “chaos collective” started to be a focus point in the readings, that that higher magnetic wire started to become relevant.  Most people are still in the position of doing what looks like calisthenics or gymnastics at the high wire point, straight training their whole field as they absorb and give instruction to the chaos field (calisthenics) or find their balance and new dance…

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Cobra Update 4-23-16… “Ascension Conference Report”

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Let’s Use the Retrogrades to Create Forward, Not Play in the Past!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Before I start anything, I want to address a slight technical difficulty I discovered with the ET course, mainly what I was trying to put up as the course ledger.  By everyone selecting a different date (the date itself has nothing to do with my class ledger) when I pulled up the class list, the only people on it were those that chose the date of May 1st.  So I had to cancel all other dates that were showing.  Nothing you already scheduled (homework or connections were canceled, I am just trying to get everyone in one visible, accessible place for my own organization.) This was my learning curve and sorry to ask you to go back and make sure your name and info is on the new ledger (except those that already chose may 1st, you are all still on there, most of which were part of the facebook…

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Message from Matthew 4-20-16…

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Seeds From the Stars ….Re-Member!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

star beings

This week I have been seriously wondering if my short-term memory is leaving the building.  I struggle to figure out what day it is, what date it is, but worse than that, the sheer amount of information that is coming thru the readings these days, I am waking up blank.  I have always shared the intricate details from the readings as a way of explaining our next phase, and for this past week I wake up, well I just can’t bring even the most exciting things forward and there is a ton of exciting, brand new to me, things to get excited about.  I am asking for an extra expansion slot to retain it all with!!

But I can tell you the over all picture coming clearer and clearer every day.  We are so programmed to see thru someone else’s eyes.  To see and experience the world around us as…

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Eliza: Are You Feeling It?

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a video, Andrew

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Pushing Thru to the Other Side!!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


What a freakin trip these days are!  Magical and intense all wrapped up in one.  Wait, let clarify that, the intense days can be magical if you allow them to be, everything is always a choice.  I choose magical because heavy and depression sucks and that too, is a choice.

When i finally felt like I have done as much as I can and needed to do yesterday in relationship to my car loan company, I took a bath/meditation.  The very first thing my team said to me, is something that we say thru so many readings and now, I am understanding even the most cryptic of images over these last few weeks, cuz I am living them (dammit.)  If you knew what was coming up, and even tho it was a good thing, we would go around it.  Let me tell you, I would have never walked knowingly into…

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