The Machine Still Runs

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The quarantine of earth and of humanity was imposed upon us by the forces of darkness with the intention of preventing the Light from influencing humanity’s shared timeline; thus allowing the darkness to violate cosmic law in their attempts to fully enslave humanity. For thousands of years, the quarantine was well supported by dark forces as this sector of space was controlled by the Ankara Alliance and the Light’s only access to humanity was through other planes and dimensions.

Ankara surrendered to the Light’s agenda about two decades ago but earth’s masters chose to continue their enslavement agenda using the dark machine that had been created for that purpose. Slowly, support for those who run this machine has eroded and about 18 months ago, the last of the dark ETs (the Chimera)  who supported the machine surrendered. Since that time, the machine has been in the capable hands of the…

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Natural News 4-14-16… “Costco going all out for organic: You’re not going to believe the new initiative this retailer is taking”

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The Rise in Energies, the Stillness in Life!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


There is some major energy being released as we trek thru the rest of this month.  As my first connection of the day showed, sheez it’s rising up from the ground and flowing down from the sky.  What I found interesting with my virgin man upon my morning (and for those who don’t know what I mean by that, it was a man I never read for before, but I was also virgin, he never had a reading before, what way to break a cherry, with me! lol)  Anyway this intense energy rising up from the ground was everywhere I could see, no spot within his life left untouched.  I gushed upwards about 4 feet, then fell back the ground he walked on or, would eventually walk on.  The energy coming out of the ground was much more intense than the energy falling downward from the sky, but it too…

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GaiaPortal 4-17-16… “Upward intentions are realized”

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The 2nd Half of April Raises the Frequencies as We Rise Up to May!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

higher frequencies

There is no doubt in my heart we all went thru some sort of collective reboot last night, creating the official start of this next phase which runs thru May 21st, which some kind soul let me know is the full moon in may.  However, as we always have cycles within cycles within cycles, it became apparent thru some of yesterday’s readings, this phase or cycle has a subcycle that runs from now to the end of this month.  Let me try to weave together what I can understand for now thru my own day and the day of readings.

The first thing I get in the morning is a weather alert from my accu weather app.  We are in a winter storm adversary with up to 8 inches of snow coming overnight, rain first in the afternoon turning to snow.  WHAT??  Mother nature reschedule date night on me!!


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F. William Engdahl, NEO 4-15-16… “Dramatic Turn in Brussels Glyphosate Battle”

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Message from Mike Quinsey 4-15-16…

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Lower Mind, Higher Mind and the Personality.

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Keep focusing on getting all this worked out. I pay things for in full, when possible and not go in to debt. That has meant I save for a while to pay in cash. Hope this debt thing goes away soon. Maybe a few payments for some things, but no interest, no debt. Really we do not need money, and such. Many lessons while humanity still uses this, and I will be happy when we all decide not to use money, funds of any kind, to end this slavery. If you wish to focus on willing the lottery and paying things off, do so.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

all of you

Getting my butt up and out of bed yesterday was akin to a firework being lit and it sputters and blows out instead of launching into the sky.  That was me, I was a dud, well the day was!!  That is until about 8pm when I started getting some energy back.  What the hell, do I have my container upside or something, that’s the wrong flow!!  I knew the energies were building as we crept closer to the mid-april, 2nd phase gig, but geez, they need to peak at 8am not 8pm daily!!

All things tho, like them or not, have a purpose.  I spent the day in close contact with my lower mind, since my higher mind seemed to be on some vacation that didn’t include me.  I even tried a bath meditation, there is mind lower mind, having nonexistent conversations with my car loan company, which, I had…

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Duck… Incoming Intense Energies!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

rain of light

I really felt like I was viewing everyone’s field from a football stadium and the understanding of the crystal clear visuals I was getting, was being said from some baseball stadium… I had the hardest time understanding what I was seeing.  The audio communication from spirit felt like it was coming from somewhere else in a faint whisper.  All the visuals stopped at the threshold of this “next phase.”  Something bigger than I can even understand is underway, that I am sure of.  What it is, not sure at all.

Altho, I do have to mention my last reading of the day had this light infused, crystal like rain falling down all over her field with these big clumps of crystal rain bouncing back upwards from the ground.  I could not for the life of me, understand fully how that fit into her reading.  I think she was showing all…

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Sheldan Nidle Update 4-12-16… “It is time to see the fruits of your new growth and to witness how you are to forge the way to this new reality!”

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