Chaos and Shambhala Side by Side. How Are You Using the Event Horizon Underway??

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I have had sleep disturbances, being awake at night, sleep during the day, recently, and hope I am back to getting a full nights sleep, and awake during the day, ie back to my normal sleep cycles.
Nice to know about the energies, places of illnesses and such, in relation to our mining, oil extraction and such. We need to find other ways of getting what we need. Also ask the planet for assistance in this, and thank the plants, animals and planet ie rocks, minerals, water, air for that which they provide. Keep all in balance, and clean. We have much to relearn. The native people can help us do this, time to listen to them.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

event horizon

There is so much to share, amazing how one day not writing has me backlogged with information and now I pray I remember to get every ounce of it out!!

For many years now, we have talked and even seen to the slightest degree, the separation of the wheat from the chaff, well, if I am understanding all that is coming in (information wise) now, this is the final separation.  This is what this “great flood / great purification” is really all about.  The more “connected” conversations I am having about this enormous moment we are all in, the clearer it is becoming.  The visual spirit is showing me as we arrive in the energies of July, the new landscape of our lives, is if you had a large back yard with a fence running down the middle of the yard, on the right side of the fence, the yard…

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