The Time is Now 2

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jbuss Astrology

Here are the primary elements of what’s going on…

The 19 July Full Moon includes a complete Grand Septile, meaning that… 

This is about Timing.  Remember when Don Juan was always telling Carlos Castaneda to “Save his Power”?  Ever hear of the “Teachable Moment”?  The idea is that you can blather all you want trying to Teach someone without making any progress, but if you wait till just the right moment, you can sink the Lesson home in an instant.  Imagine reading six books about Beestings, and compare that to being stung once.  Plant Beans in early Spring and Peas in early Summer, and compare the results of that to planting Peas in early Spring and Beans in early Summer.  The Time is Now.

The Seventh Harmonic is about Power and Timing.

It also includes eleven of twelve positions in a Grand Unx.  That’s a planet in or very near the…

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