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Christopher Nejman


As We Shift – End Times Madness | Sophia Love

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Rainbow Wave of Light


A parade of blog posts marches through my head.  Each personal challenge and every conversation with someone new sparks another one.  It’s crazy right now.  Perhaps this is the start of that term we’ve all heard “End Times Madness”…

Humans, ages 5 to 86, are saying “My head hurts”, “It just feels strange today”, “I never reacted that way before”, “I feel nervous”, “I feel weird”, “The energy is just off” (this from a cashier at a grocery store I had never met) and “I’m just done with this part”.

You may have seen this posting from “the lighted ones”.  They say we have chosen the accelerated path.  I’m inclined to agree.  Here’s what I’m hearing from my off world connections…
“It was this month in which the major prediction was made for the end of corruption, of slave states, of human experiments.  Now it is seen…

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4 Surprising Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Marijuana – Healthy Holistic Living

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Kauilapele's Blog


For the time I’m away (from Kona, that is), I will just post links that I found which “popped up” in front of my consciousness.

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160826 Journey Up Mount Shasta… a “KP Message on the drive”

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Journal Entry 08.24.2016 – “The Return of the Guardians”

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Blue Dragon Journal

DSCN0666Journal Entry 08.24.2016 – “The Return of the Guardians”

Note to Reader:  In this “journal entry” I share a bit of what I learned through the reading of the latest book by David Wilcox, “The Ascension Mysteries”, blended with what I have picked up through my own assorted readings through the years, decades of being on my own individual journey of self-discovery.

Yesterday, I was rather overcome with nausea, diarrhea, joint pain, muscular aches and a general feeling of malaise.  Later in the day, I saw that there had been a significant CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from our Sun.  And this morning, came the news of a 6.4 on the Richter scale, deadly earthquake located in the center of the Italian Peninsula… an area of ancient villages perched atop the ridges of the Apennine mountain range.  Things are rocking and rolling…and it’s going to get even more intense according to…

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Sheldan Nidle Update 8-23-16…

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Kauilapele's Blog

paoweb_globegrid157Here is the latest Sheldan update.

I suggest using Higher Discernment when reading these, to see how it “hits” and applies (or not) to you. They may have valuable data for some. If it does not resonate with you, I suggest just passing it by. Another point I will make is I suggest using these as visions for where we are going and holding the items in these messages as positive intentions for this world.


1 Chicchan, 8 Uo, 13 Caban

Dratzo! Much progress is now being made. There exists, among the Elders and the various Royal groups, a strong and unaccountable worry that somehow the dark had been faking its demise. This has heavily colored how these powerful groups view this enormous release of funds. Our task is to prove that these beliefs have no foundation. At the present time, our massive program to successfully counter these…

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Man sewing t-shirts

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Message from Matthew 8-19-16…

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Kauilapele's Blog

matthew40This Matthew message again points to the “Bernie Sanders conclusion” for the US elections. And I remind readers that Matthew has been pretty “right on the mark” regarding those elections in the past.

“Our last message didn’t enumerate the scenarios that Earth’s monitors in Nirvana are keeping an eye on because we were waiting to tell you the only one with significance, the one that has gained unstoppable momentum. None has. Therefore, we shall tell you the various possibilities that affect Sanders and the two major parties’ nominees—energy around other contenders is too weak to materialize streamers with development potential.

“The universe’s constant balancing act provides ways to resolve a blockage in an energy field, and that is what’s happening here… countless streamers… are darting about in the collective consciousness. To bring order out of that chaos, the energy coalesced into various scenarios that represent the total investment and each…

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Matthew Messages

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Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward, Aug. 19, 2016

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