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The Shift of Time and Energy!

I had my parent wall in my home in New Mexico.  Photos of my father and a couple of my mother and most every day I would say hi to my father, thank him for 18 months we got to spend together before he passed and finger kiss my mother and ask her to please let me see her once again, before she passes.  Being estranged from both my parents and then given the blessing to be able to be with both of them once again, before their passing, please know, nothing… no-thing is impossible.  Ever.  For these miracles, I am forever grateful.

But man oh man, this one hurts.

When I started to play with the possibilities of what I might be capable of (thanks to my bible “The Holographic Universe”) one of the first things I dabbled in was scrying.  Taking pictures or personal items of deceased people…

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Ecosnippets 8-6-16… “Monsanto Losing Millions As Farmers In India Rebel & Plant Indigenous Cotton Seed”

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dr. steve

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ET’s, good guys and gals.

keshe foundation blueprints

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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


First of all, I’d better tell you how enormously excited I am to finally be making this announcement, because I’m sure it’s going to effect the way I make it… as in I may seem a bit giddy or spacey, say, or maybe even like I’m high on something, ha! Well, it’s true, I am high, HA!

My own frequencies are higher than ever, plus what I’m excitedabout has such high frequencies that my excitement is exponentially heightened. So it is true that compared to what the majority of people still consider “normal,” my state would seem quite altered, even shockingly so (even more than usual, ha). But not for long… we’re in a PARADIGM SHIFT, everybody! Everything including YOU is altering. That’s exactly why what I’mannouncing has finally COALESCED.


Yikes. I just realized that I can’t tell you how excited I am before you read any further. There still isn’t a word that’s enormous enough

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GaiaPortal 8-20-16… “Merrimacs enter, where calcifieds have failed”

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as we shift – it’s mid august ~ August 19, 2016

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Rose Rambles...


Yep…here’s another great post by Sophia Love, a telepathic empath with a gift for sensing and feeling the energies of others. Not only does she apply this to humans, Sophia also uses her talents to communicate with off-world BEings who contact her regularly sharing their thought, ideas, and history with us.

So…please read this latest blog from Sophia, who struggles as we do with wondering where in the heck “The Event” is that opens the door for humanity to experience true freedom from the multiple layers of control, give some thought to your readiness for “The Event”, and…


Sometimes writing is easy.  This particular post is not.  I am not yet clear on why but I have been struggling to focus for several days.  I’ve moved through coffee shops all over town and different places around this house to change up the environment, to no avail.  This could be…

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UltraGalactic Roundtable III with Tolec, Simon Parkes, Win Keech & Alex Collier (7-24-16)

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How Trees Communicate With Each Other And Help Humanity Grow

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New Beginnings Guatemala

3by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
some of you might remember the big wave of solar energy from March this year, that connected the human collective with an increased awareness for our psychic abilities, and enabled so many people to create brand new relationships with nature. This wave brought with it the beginning of many little teachings from the earth’s spirits, how we can develop a higher understanding of our inner oneness with all beings from the nature kingdom.
We were reminded of the loving nature of trees, with their magical ability to heal us in exchange for a good hug; and I spoke about the ability of stones to help us, when we are in need to ground and center our energies immediately. Historically it is common knowledge, that Plato and Aristotle received their deepest insights in the olive groves around Athens, that Buddha found enlightenment beneath…

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