Zero Point and Restoring the Queen (of Love) Within All!!

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Thanks for sharing. Getting ready for parents passing is hard, been through that, both in 4 or 5 months of each other. Do get your name on the title, have a will, and such. Once they are gone, then the legal system takes over if you do not have everything spelled out for who gets what, and you may end up homeless if your mom’s house is still in her name, not sure, just, better be safe.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I have been doing readings now for 13 – 14 years and so many times I have heard spirit warn someone of changes ahead, but refused to go into any sort of detail about those changes.  I find that kind of pesky of spirit, give you a heads up that what we may think of as choppy waters area ahead, but not what to look out for.  Of course, their old stand by line is because pre knowing would change it.  We would alter the course, even if it was the greatest thing (albeit difficult) we could ever get ourselves into.

The 2nd quarter of this year, so many people got the warnings of changes ahead, so many that I had to wonder about my own course of life.  From January 2012 my life was rather ordinary, if not predictable, save some minor disturbances (changes) but as spirit talked about…

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