Detours and Free Will

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Detours are always as a result of a free will choice…always.

One of the tenets of new age philosophy is that everything is good and there to help us learn our lessons…to help us along our evolutionary path. While it is true that anything, including horrendous detours, can be used to further us along our evolutionary path; it is definitely not true that everything is good or that the higher plan deliberately includes detours.

All detours are the result of free will choices that do not target the greater good.

That is true at the galactic level where Ankara, the dark creator god, made the free will choice to test the power of love by creating warfaring civilizations that targeted to conquer and subjugate the entire galaxy. A huge detour resulted.

That is true at the world level where humanity’s secret government made the free will choice to subjugate the…

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