The First “9-11 Truther”? Kevin Barrett VT 9-25-16… “Donald Trump: “Bombs were used on the World Trade Center!””

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donald_trump_interview_bombs_in_wtc_240 Click to view video

This VT article by Kevin Barrett illustrates why I “keep my eye on” VT. This is quite the remarkable video (from likely shortly after 9-11) with Donald Trump explaining why it was likely bombs were used to bring down the WTC towers.

As I have implied before in other posts about Trump (here 1, here 2, here 3 (or see ’em all here)), I feel he is likely an “in your face, cabal” truth blaster. Whether he becomes a President of the US or not, I see his revelations as very valuable to releasing into the open, all the cans of worms about 9-11, Isral Khazarians, and so on, which the MSM are never going to touch.


Donald Trump: “Bombs were used on the World Trade Center!”

“They had bombs that exploded almost simultaneously”

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

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