11:11, 11D and The City of Light Amplified thru You!

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We do need to use other fuels than oil, gas, coal. There is free, renewable energy sources available. Solar is a good one. We could power a lot of places if every building has solar pannels on the roof. And solar panels on the electric cars, hood, roof to charge them. There are other free energy ideas coming. The Keshe foundation has some. We just need to say no to the oil, gas, coal, and yes to the renewable, free energy.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I have spent most of my sharing years, explaining the intricacies I see in the readings and tie them together in these blogs.  Since I have been back, I am being cautioned not to do that on a daily basis.  One size does not fit all any longer.  We got to this amazing stage of the game by employing our commonalities.  Meaning what we shared together was applicable to some degree to the All.  Now, we are looking at your super refined uniqueness, which is equally changing the way I process the incoming light information thru each you.  Challenge me will ya!!  Gotta love a good learning curve!!

Let’s get back to the bit of information I shared yesterday, the 11:11 light field.  Thru the years, I have always used Kryon’s simply explanation about the 11:11 key… spiritual illumination is happening anytime you see that signpost.  Even Kryon’s name was…

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