The Wonders of This Moment and Our Call to Action!!

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Thanks for sharing. I am hearing from my guides that there will be another election in 2017, a new restored republic of the us in place, well see. I have heard this from others, this election means nothing, and some clearing will take place, and we will have another un-rigged election. Well see. If Trump stays in office I hope he can learn to be an employee, as we now tell him what to do. He does not tell us what to do, if he tries, we need to show him we are the boss of him, and all in government, as it should be. They work for us the people, not the corporations or anyone else.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Yesterday, I soooo couldn’t wait to share the extraordinariness of all the readings yesterday.  How rich and alive and and at our feet that living light field is.  It is so easy for me to completely forget, that there is something else happening, something that deeply contrasts the very place I wake up and move within each day.  It is way to easy for me to forget, drenched in the brilliance of our own light day after day, that there is a massive under tow happening as well.  We are coming into the full on conclusion of the stark divide in duality after all… so I suppose, it had to be Trump.  Hillary is too cunning in the field of darkness, she knows how to work it expertly to her advantage.  Trump is simply an untamed, void of light, ego.

It wasn’t until 8:30 last night did I even think…

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