4 Secrets About True Leaders

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Openhearted Rebel

By Christina Sarich, Waking Times

You can only get so far with orders, and the misuse of power. The same goes with the restriction of human action. The war on drugs has been an abject failure, as has been the American ‘democracy.’ It is the same with a corporatized prison system, and so too, will be the attempted overtaking of the American people by a corrupt cabal. If the 2016 elections have taught us nothing else, it is that we should be very careful who we make into our political martyrs.

Despots and tyrants can rule effectively for a time, but in the end, they always perish – their civilizations and accomplishments with them. The fall of Rome ring any bells? It doesn’t matter if you voted for Hillary Clinton with her ties to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, or for Trump who has alienated women, minorities, gays, and…

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