Kp Message 11-15-16… “Holy Crap, it’s one week after ‘the sky fell and the world caved in'”

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Regardless of what has or will happen, we all need to work together. Only we, the people can do this. My view of making america, or any country great again is to not use fossel fuels, and use non polluting ways of living. We can make this change, is starts with us, in our communities. We can put up solar panels, wind turbines for the home. And we can look into the new free energy like plasma, what the Keshe foundation and others are working with. This will clean the air, water, and such. We can look into sound, crystals, and such to use for healing. And we can get back in touch with the native ways of doing things, like realizing all things have a conciousness. We can work with nature in what we do. Look within, follow your heart. Be open to hearing nature, and such again, and work with them.

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161102_kp_kauai_p1010211_arm_to_sun_crop_240_1 Kp on Kauai 11-2-16

In my view, and in my way of BEing, it is always time, each moment of each day, to release what no longer serves, and embrace that which does. Individually, that is how I live (pretty much… I’m almost “perfect” at it… ;-)… (that’s a ‘wink’, by the way)).

From what I have seen, after the sky fell and the world caved in on 11-8-16, many are now struggling to release the results of that 11-8-16 event (if you’ve not figured it out, that event is the “2016 US president election”).

I will say this:

  1. This planet needed a shock, especially many of those in the US, and it got it.
  2. This planet needed a person (for the US president) who was not aligned with the old systems (the cabal) and the old paradigm of “let’s just let the cabal do the same old same old”…

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