WE ARE Solid Air Ity. Solidarity In The Light, Leading the Way Home.

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Thanks for sharing. Hope the governments share that they have already met with the ET’s, from my understanding. Like the guy Valiant Thor from Venus?, who lived in DC for a while. Thought from my understanding all life is from somewhere else, we are all ET’s, we know this.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

E72796 Forest path in the woods

It is so nice to wake up and my body feel perky and my mind feel crystal clear!!  That’s very much the opposite of how I felt when I woke up yesterday.  I officially know what melting wax feels like, that’s exactly how my entire mental field felt the moment I woke up, hence, no sharing yesterday.  Of course when your mind feels like melting wax, so does the body.  I got nothing done, save a filling (dentist filling, which I should have rescheduled, but that’s another story. lol)  I did attempt to write a blog yesterday, pulling from the day prior readings, but they all sort of blended together, I guess they too were consumed in the melting wax!! lol

As I sit down this morning and open wordpress, I see a Happy Anniversary from wordpress, wow… 7 years ago today I opened my wordpress account.  Of course, for…

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