Expanding Consciousness, Heaven In Our Lives and Timelines!

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Water, yes. Water to plants to biofuel, to use instead of oil/petrolum. Hydroponic (water)or aquaponics (water/fish)to grow plants for biofuel, and food for us. Every one still has a job, in a different industry. Work to create this, those that can.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


The great news is, my voice was restored Monday!!  The bad news, I still cannot use it dammit.  The coughing is more than I can endure.  So one more day in the grand time out seat.  I am so sorry to all those on my schedule, I was really praying the words “I have to reschedule” was a thing of the past.  I guess not 😦

The above was as far as I got in writing my blog yesterday before someone completely pulled the plug on my energy field after getting back home from the office and passing out for 5 hours.  My intentions are good, the body says screw that,  lets sleep a little more, except at night of course, when it should be sleeping, ohhh it’s up coughing and coughing.  Altho, I do have to give thanx to the fact at least it no longer feels like each…

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