Understanding Trump’s Agenda

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My vantage point includes the existence of a secret world government who have created humanity’s current shared timeline and intend to continue to create humanity’s future shared timeline. This is a highly unusual vantage point as the secret government has been very successful at convincing humanity that they do not exist. From this vantage point, a lot of things make sense; including the early days of Trump becoming the US President Elect.

The secret world government has two heads. One is the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) who have for centuries ruled over the rest of humanity. They control the world’s financial systems, the world’s media (including editorial control), and most of the world’s political systems. The other head are newcomers based in the US. They are technocrats who developed Tesla’s science after Tesla died in 1943. Using US government finances and US military secrecy protocols, these technocrats developed many advanced technologies…

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