A “LoL” (Load of Links) about this Recount thing…

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On Being Your Authentic Self, Part II: The Path of the Sun

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The Druid's Garden

In last week’s post, I explored the importance of finding ways of living and being your authentic self.  I suggested that there were at least three pathways to doing this work: the Path of the Moon, which is the quiet path of living one’s principles and showing the what while not necessarily discussing the spiritual path or why.  This is a good path for those who feel restricted in sharing their spiritual path fully in various contexts of their lives; there are ways of still living one’s path while being very implicit about your inner spiritual life.

The path of the sun! The path of the sun!

Today, I’ll explore the second path, shining path of the sun.  The sun path refers to us being more being more out and open, more explicit, about the fact that you are a druid—radiating this truth in the world like the sun on a warm summer…

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How to Speak to Someone About an Unspeakable Loss

Bombshell: David Gergen’s elite connections, his attempt to stop Trump

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An Indigenous Approach to Healing Trauma — dreamweaver333

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Alchemy of Power: The Pharma Industry — Its History, Its Drugs, And How It Manipulates The World

GaiaPortal 11-27-16… “Silents are empowered as Cosmics arise”

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Possible False Flag – Alien Attack

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Freedom4humanity's Blog

First, let me make it very clear that a real alien attack is not possible for two reasons. The most important one is that the galactic wars ended about two decades ago when the dark creator god, Ankara, surrendered to the Light’s agenda and advised all of his alliance to do likewise. Most followed Ankara’s lead but a few went rogue and continued their power over others agenda. By now, there are no aggressors ‘out there’ with the will and the resources to attack earth. A secondary reason is that earth’s skies are filled with friendly and supportive ETs from around our galaxy and beyond that would shield earth and humanity should an attack occur.

On the other hand, a false flag alien attack is entirely possible. A false flag, in this context, is an act of the secret government that they blame on someone else, in this case off-planet aliens…

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Why Unvaccinated Children Are Not A Threat To Vaccinated Children & Seniors

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Openhearted Rebellion

By Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution

When speaking about big and powerful pharmaceutical companies, one of the first things that should come to mind is scientific fraud, instances of which emerge with alarming frequency.

A recent corruption leak, for example, was exposed from a study that was published in the British Medical Journal by researchers at the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen.

The study showed that pharmaceutical companies were not disclosing all information regarding the results of their drug trials. This particular study dealt with antidepressants, exposing multiple dangers associated with these drugs. (source)

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