Kp Message 11-30-16… “Drop the Divisions, Drop the Labels, and Embrace the Balance”

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I agree, we need to drop the us vs them and such. Replace that with acceptance, love, peace, harmony, unity, and such. We are changing to live this way. As we change, allow others to change at their own pace, and have patience if that is slower than we change, yep this is hard. Yep I want all to change now, or my fast speed.

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161102_kp_kauai_p1010211_arm_to_sun_crop_240_6Partly as a result of viewing that US election thing, I started finding and pay (some) attention to alternative views I’d not viewed before. For information… for “news”… for observational fun.

One thing I’ve noticed, on all sides of the arena, is a fair amount of things like,

  • “Clearly this is part of the liberal agenda”
  • “Clearly this is part of the conservative agenda”
  • “Democrats are always right.”
  • “Republicans are always right.”
  • “Independents are always right.”
  • “Bernie was always right.”
  • …and more bluntly…
  • “___________________ sucks!” (fill in the blank with Trump, Hillary, Clinton anything, Obama, Bush, illegal immigrants, etc.)

Personally, to all of those, I say, “Not my zoo… not my monkeys.”

All of that is a game of division, a game of “find the label and put it on someone”.

“Not my zoo, not my monkeys.”

Although this may fall on many unhearing ears, I feel that, for…

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