Partial Disclosure – the Dark’s Last Card

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The epic battle for control of humanity’s shared timeline is nearing its end game and the dark’s last card is about to be played. It is called Partial Disclosure.

The dark hopes that partial disclosure will set the stage for many more years of the dark controlling humanity’s shared timeline. The Light hopes that partial disclosure explodes in the dark’s collective faces and becomes full disclosure, setting the stage for a timeline based in truth, based in serving the greater good, based in the fullness of cosmic law.

The dark is a well organized mafia with two heads. One head is what many call the RKM (Rothschild Khazarian Mafia) based in Europe who have for centuries controlled humanity’s timeline with the help of dark ETs both on planet (underground) and off. These ETs are now all surrendered to the Light’s agenda and the RKM stands without off world support. At…

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